Ohio Top 250 Expo All-Gliders

When it comes to measuring intangibles, the metric has yet to be determined. Of course, there are clear-cut characteristics that separate competitors from pretenders. As it comes down to it, some players just have that extra push or factor that drives them and their team into victory. 

This article will focus on players with that extra push – especially around the rim.#93 Nathan Frascone – this man is strong with the ball and swoops in like a hawk to decisively rip the ball away from opponents. As a big man with leapability, he deserves a touch every time down the floor. 

His power dribble creates space underneath as he is able to move his feet well and finish amongst the trees. He is adept at feeling where the defender might be and attacking the opening. His consistent effort is noticeable as he always jockeys for position underneath and demands a dedicated boxout on every trip. 

Frascone possesses terrific court awareness, creates strong outlet opportunities and attacks the glass treating the floor as a springboard. This player is fundamentally sound and checks most boxes that coaches look for in a big man.#1 Issa Hanjani Smith – this much improved point guard picks up fullcourt defensive press seamlessly and antagonizes opponents. His excellent catch and release is virtually unblockable and often leads to makes and/or putbacks. 

As a smaller player, he makes up for it by getting to the cup and soaring. This is a player with ram magnetism because once he gets into the lane it does not take long for him to rise and finish. Issa’s horizontal strides in mid-air are something to see.#46 Johrydon Mumford – this mid-range artist can knockdown shots from any spot. He delivers results for his squad because he is often quicker to the punch. Mumford is skilled at hitting off-balanced leaners and is difficult to keep out of the paint.

Often times, he imposes his will on defenders. A high-flyer, this man regains his footing well on second jumps as he seemingly climbs and climbs above for a board. A high-energy, high IQ guy Johrydon is a high-flyer that is not easy to keep off of the glass.#120 Maro Egodotaye – this player is a handful on the block. As of right now, his defensive qualities outshine the rest of his game. You can find Maro clapping shots off glass as a long-armed big man that smoothly runs the break and spreads the floor.

He gets to his designated areas well and often times up his sprints perfectly to reject his opponent at the rim. He rotates well on the backside and is a pest underneath, often altering shots even if he doesn’t manage to get a piece of them.

Maro’s uses his length and size to scoop the ball out of thin air, keeping it high and putting it back on goal all in the same wavelength.

Keep an eye out for Maro as his frame and raw ability will mesh brilliantly at the next level.#26 Terrance Pankey – this man comes downhill like a freight train in the lane. TP covers a lot of ground while driving in the paint and leaps for miles. 

He does the small things correctly such as: maintaining active dribble at all times, refusing to enter trap areas and picking up magnificent strides prior to rim takeoff.

Another intriguing element to Pankey’s game is his very wide catch radius. With timely pace, he gathers well tips the ball for extra opportunities and has a strong second jump for putbacks. 

Terrance is a catalyst for his team, playing with high caliber and high passion. His size-up blow by move is tough to corral and when he gets into that lane his bungies grant him the access to finish with authority.

Not all players have to be grouped at the same position to have similar characteristics. These guys all have immeasurable amount of heart and make it look so easy around the rim.

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