Ohio Top 250 Expo All-Poise/Presence Team

As the Expo showcased boatloads of Talent in Mason, Ohio there were some players that might have been overlooked due to their performance that day. Above all else, one outing cannot be a true measure of hoop aptitude. Here are some guys that must be discussed for their ability to improve their team’s chances at all costs.Jaden Winbush – this versatile combo guard has continued to improve his game mightily and steadily over the course of his career. He showed out at the Expo with great bounce and the ability to finish amidst engaged contact. It is clear that this man is secure from three and kicks into another gear when competition ramps up. 

As an energy spark for his team, Jaden takes and makes tough shots to overcome any opponent. He knows the best percentage shots exist in the paint and he gets there with ease, often contorting his body to finish and/or draw contact. Keep an eye out for this young man as his game continues to exponentially grow.Luke Denbow – this old-fashioned lefty guard is a knockdown artist. He has a wonderful sense of direction and spectacular feel for his teammates’ location at all times. It is clear that his mid-range game is pure as is his ability to pull up from anywhere. 

Luke moves with purpose as much of his success is a result of precise timing. He never leaves his feet with the ball unless there is a determined destination. Passes fired from his fingertips decisively fly through tight windows. 

On defense, he is an absolute hound and pokes/rips consistently to jar the ball loose. One of the key aspects that make him great is terrific lateral movement. As a calm, cool and collected player, LD is rhythmic not hesitant. He has terrific touch around the rim and often finishes via double clutches and lofty runners. This guy is a must-roster because he does all the small things right and will sacrifice his body for the greater good of his squad.Sean Craig – this vocal leader is a rally captain and the reason for many offensive outbursts. His smooth post presence creates mismatches on the daily. 

Around the perimeter, he can line it up from anywhere as great use of pivots/ball fakes make it possible for him to arrive in the most ideal position prior to a shot attempt. Also, his quick high-release jumpshot is difficult to block.

It is important to notice that Sean always enters the lane under control and firmly protects the rock while doing so. His setup crossover does not need to be too elaborate as a simple 1-2 burst propels his long strides directly to where he needs to be – around the rim. 

On defense, Craig is a glass clapper and rim protector. On the glass, Sean skies for rebounds and keeps the ball high for putbacks or direct transition into outlet passes. Overarching vision allows him to send the ball into his teammates with efficiency. Any program would be lucky to have this man on their team as he displays tremendous focus, organized chaos and leadership.

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