We started at Syracuse University in 2015.

After a stint with online Sports Magazine – TakingBadSchotz & a WRTDIY Activism Course we decided to start our own blog.

Here at FreshNewsNow, we keep you updated on underground hip-hop, fashion, entertainment, quality interviews, and current events.

Many social fads in our generation hold weight for about a week and then freefall after their meteoric rise.

‘Vine’ cultivated short-lived user popularity with six second videos. It’s stardom, however perished with the same rapidity by which it originated.

We are here to consistently spark your interest, maintain your attention and give you what you want to electronically consume.

To take it one step further – music played such a pivotal role in the upbringing of my sister and I. While my father loved punk rock [Velvet Underground//Joy Division// Minor Threat//Echo&TheBunnymen] my mother enjoyed Soul, Top 40, R&B, some hip-hop, Dixie Chicks.

When I went to YMCA Day Camp everyone would walk to the Roll-a-Way every Friday because it was in the same plaza. That era of Plies, Akon, Young Jeezy molded my outlook on music. As an early 2000’s DJ at that rolling rink in Newark, Ohio DJ Destiny did not miss.



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