Ohio Top 250 Expo All-Hustle Team

Ohio’s Fall Top 250 Expo took place in Mason, Ohio this past weekend and showcased high energy players with heart and hustle. These guys have the intangible skills that are instinctual. When it comes to 50/50 balls, they are the first to the hardwood. Ball is going OB? They are going to save it – and so on. These young men played with terrific hustle and were actively engaged throughout all five circuits.

#115 Zack Oddo – this Croatian athlete has a pure stroke and puts himself in positions to utilize his lengthy wingspan. He performs very well within the paint and often goes up strong at all times. A true competitor who puts his body on the line for the greater good of his team. #15 Tyler Montague – this squeaky elusive guard has an incredibly quick first step and excellent peripheral vision. Anyone can beat a defender off the dribble, the key is to finish what you started. In the lane, Montague possesses a carousel of finish packages. Whether it be a hesi step back, side-to-side floater, straight away runner or the ever so glossy filay finish this man has got the ‘it factor.’#88 Devin Royal – this freight train is an absolute workhorse and a problem for defenders. His strong downhill type of lane penetration shows other players the reason why weights exist. Not to mention, he is a block hoss. He will finish well in traffic while guaranteeing you don’t even get an attempt at the other end. As a big man that can handle the ball well, ring it up accurately from three and run fluently in transition – keep a keen eye out for this King.#77 Isaiah Johnson – IJ has a knack for putting the ball into the basket. His shotmaking ability is impressive and his defensive strides are even moreso. His ability to utilize man-to-ball principles and see openings before they occur creates advantages for his team. He is a lanky shot disruptor with quick closing speed. An excellent help side defender.

#38 Mekhi Elmore – this stout pitbull PG will shimmy shake ya. He uses his low center of gravity so well for leverage into the lane. As a shifty guard who moves well without the ball, he is able to seamlessly come off screens, catch the ball, turn, shoot and capitalize. In transition, he will push the pace with leader vision. He understands greatness takes a patient process. His hangtime on the double clutch is incredible. Clearly an ultimate competitor, Mekhi carries the clutch gene and will lay himself on the line for his teammates and coaches.

Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation. These players do not rely on luck, though. They pride themselves on a fortified mentality that positions them as the hardest workers. There is no doubt that these prospects are going to stuff the win column at the next level.

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