Brooklyn Blocks Bring Brilliance – Jay Critch

Jay Critch is an artist who has risen to popularity through an all-too-familiar formula. Reigning from the Clinton Hills area of Brooklyn, NY Critch grew up listening to legends like Notorious B.I.G. Jay-Z and Fabolous. He was very in tune with the legends within his neighborhood and could recall a time when he saw Mos Def walking on the block. From a young age, he knew that having stardom and being a regular New York dude could go hand in hand.

Hood Fav

Jay Critch listened to a great deal of Fabolous when he was younger. The two even met backstage at a Kanye West fashion show and exchanged pleasantries. The fact that he grew up listening to Fab is very ironic because the two resemble each other in many ways. They each have taken over their cities with catchy tunes that are dripping in lyricism, braggadocio and bravado. While Fabolous might have been slightly more lyrically technical and romantic, Jay Critch owns the modern role of New York flavor. Not to mention, the two are completely different individuals and they each release music on their own terms.

Pursuing his Passion

In the past, Jay Critch who is 6’3 with a slender frame, had hoop dreams. As his hoop dreams faded, his passion for music remained undying. Although not legitimately, he recorded his first samples of music in the sixth grade. One of the reasons Jay knew that he had a shot at becoming big because his friends would always play his songs in the car, on their stereos or in the hallways at school.


Jay Critch’s approach to music is very non-traditional. He bases his track production off of emotion, instinct and feeling rather than sitting down and putting a pen to paper. His style contains raw and uncut bounce, privy to the likes of New York nowadays. His slang, adlibs, pizzazz and originality check all of the boxes in regards to new wave appeal. Jay Critch firmly positions himself in between the old and new school and amidst conscious cats and within the turn-up club scene. He is influenced by the great New York artist but feels no need to appeal to them. He does not feel any pressure to cater to a monolithic, fossilized view of New York flow because he adapts to the time. He evolves his sound to fit his agenda and will only put out a track if it has creates a strong impression.

The key to retaining a moment and prospering is versatility. Jay Critch, the strong silent type, stays out of the way and minds his business. His first major collaboration came in 2015 with Rowdy Rebel (GS9) on the song Man Down via Cloud 90 Hi Def. A major way that Critch keeps people in tune to his body of work is by rotating producers and types of sounds. That way, he always switches up his flows and will constantly have something worthwhile to offer. Jay Critch came up in the same vein of the 2017 New York reemergence and keeps the vibe alive for East Coast culture. Some of the collaborations he has on the way are with other New York artists such as Joey Bada$$ and Desiigner.

High Volume

The approach Jay Critch takes to releasing music is a common formula for success in today’s day and age. Rather than potentially tarnish your reputation by putting out a mixtape or album and having it flop, many artists decide to only put out singles. We have seen this work extremely well for other artists, namely Playboi Carti who only released singles and features prior to putting out any significant body of work. Some of Jay Critch’s best singles to date are “Did It Again”, “Fashion”, “Speak Up”, “Thousand Ways” and “Ego.” On a “Thousand Ways” Jay Critch linked up with Harry Fraud and recorded a track for his “The Coast” mixtape after connecting via Instagram direct message. The two created an infectious New York anthem that landed its way onto the airwaves of Hot 97.

“Did it Again” was the song that linked Jay Critch and Rich the Kid via mutual friend, Gramz. The day that Critch flew out to LA to meet up with Rich the Kid was the same day he signed to the Rich Forever label. The label is apart of Interscope and the Blueprint Group management consortium with Gee Roberson (former Senior VP of A&R at Roc-a-Fella Records). The following day, Rich the Kid hopped on the remix of “Did it Again” and the video has amassed over four million views to date. Since his catapult to stardom, Jay Critch has performed on the “Who Next” Hot 97 Summer Jam stage, at the second annual Yams Day concert in Madison Square Garden and as an opening act on Future’s “Hendrixxx” overseas tour. It was while in Europe, where Rich the Kid and Jay Critch came up with the idea to shoot a video for, “Fashion.”

Jay Critch does a marvelous job of remaining humble and hungry but also giving the fans what they want in the form of style and vitality. He is extremely lively and appeals his target audience magnificently. As a fascinating artist, Jay Critch satisfies the demand for classic grit and New York steez all in one. A main component of his allure comes from his everlasting grind and ability to continuously gather traction for his sound. His tracks have consistently charted and all of this came about without a major mixtape or album.

Jay Critch’s collection of mesmerizing music is rooted in nuance. He is Brooklyn through and through and it is easy to tell he is true to his city roots. He talks a big city brand and boasts the East Coast with tremendous direction. It is easy to tell that his trajectory is soaring upwards. His tight triplet type flows are designed to pack a punch. His icy, brisk and biting synthesized rhythm thrives off of charisma and catchiness. He consistently delivers infectious anthems certain to command the attention of important players in the rap game. As an expressive, true to self type artist, Critch is a suave and wavy glider on wax. Most of his songs are accompanied by lavish visuals, which is highly beneficial due to his magnetic persona. It is in the video scene, where Critch created the #JuggDance craze that has did major rounds on social media. Fact of the matter is, Jay Critch knows how to dominate the New York rap scene and has done it with an air of superiority never before seen.

This burgeoning rap tycoon is managed by a man named Al Bundy. Although, he is signed to Rich Forever with Rich the Kid, he has still formed his own collective by the name of Talk Money Entertainment. He has yet to release a debut project, but he did drop a thirty track collection on Soundcloud under the TME imprint. Some of the artists featured on the Talk Money Tape were were Damii, RicoBaby, Mally Bandz, Vendetta and SaeTheGuard. Production was handled by the likes of Chulo, Laron, A Lau, Tony Seltzer, and CashMoneyAP.

Speaking of his debut Critch said, “Debut I don’t know. I got enough music. I been putting it together — I got a tracklist. I’m just making new shit. I’m not in no rush, I’m not putting a date on it yet. I just feel like this year might be the year to drop it.”

The world patiently awaits for Critch’s debut project or whatever he intends to drop next.

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