Kevin Ollie’s Harsh Treatment at Hands of NCAA

Amidst an array of NCAA violations, we have to ask who is truly the violator in these situations? Recently, Kevin Ollie has received a fair share of flaque for his recruiting tactics during his tenure at UCONN. Of course, his name has been getting dragged through the mud for small infractions but lest we not forget that KO pulled off one of, if not the most, improbable streaks to coach his Shabazz Napier led team to the 2014 National Championship. After winning five games in five nights to claim the Big East Tournament championship, his Huskies went on to win six more postseason victories as a No. 7 seed defeating another improbable opponent No.6 seeded Kentucky.

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Now, Ollie is being accused of recruiting violations in the form of outside trainer, a conference with Ray Allen and shooting around with a potential player. In the grand scheme of things is it truly worth it to terminate the remaining $10 million owed to this coach for minor infractions such as these? It is not and many would argue that the corruption lies within the NCAA’s approach to usurping millions from its athletes while the coaches and players are required to follow a strict regimen and make breadcrumbs as the NCAA dines in five course fashion.


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