Newark, OH SkatePark Essay

Skateboarding represents the backbone of American subculture. Most importantly, the sport of skateboarding symbolizes the freedom that is associated with youth. Growing up, I skated every Friday at the Roll-A-Way and hopped on my first skateboard with a few other kids in my neighborhood at age nine.

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Skateboarding challenges norms, breaks down barriers and builds toughness necessary to thrive throughout life. Additionally, it allows those who participate to discover new roads, geographic boundaries, and enter into uncharted territories. Most importantly, it teaches kids to take risks in the fact that the only way to learn is through trial and error.

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As I got older, I discovered a new gravitational pull toward skateboarding through cinema. The movie, “Kids” by Larry Clark and Harmony Korine placed an entirely new lens on how I view skateboard culture. On the daily, skateboarding connects people from all different terrains of life.

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I enjoy how skateboarding demonstrates the visualization of exploration. As a lifestyle foundation, skateboarding illustrates the influential immediacy of youth connectivity. The Newark Skatepark will make a difference in my life by providing a groundbreaking outlet for recreation. This development is extremely important to me and those I surround myself with as we are greatly anticipating the grand opening of Newark’s Everett SkatePark in conjunction with Spohn Ranch industries.

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Other Harmony Korine affiliates: PASS THE BITCH CHICKEN, Alien Workshop, Christopher Wohl, Rita Ackermann, Alleged Gallery, Julien Donkey Boy

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