His Freshness Presents: YL and Roper Williams — OPEN 24

YL is a prolific emcee who personifies the art of “digging in the crates.” Those crates contain records fit for the purpose of mixing and mastering. The samples formulate melodies and beats that YL smoothly raps over. Premiere project, ‘Open 24’ builds a strong and detailed introspective narrative. YL acknowledges his renown skills by using them to tell significant stories about romance, herbal remedies and monetary ambition. His diverse persona and calm demeanor contribute to the deliverance of a refreshing New York viewpoint. This ‘mathematical’ mastermind delivers raw interpretations with style and brutal honesty.

The premiere of Lo Ceasar

YL’s vast array of wordplay and metaphor can be attributed to the strength of his foundation. His collective, “Real Recognize Real (R.R.R.)” operates quietly and productively much like Roc-A-Fella Records. Known collaborator, Starker, often accompanies YL’s ‘platinum voice’ with a rugged inflection and equally potent verses. YL and Starker’s joint mixtapes, ‘Lo Ceasar 1 and 1.5‘ showcase the extravagant vision that each artist respectively contributes.

An authentic artist

YL is a student of the craft who delivers prominent lyrics and authentic anecdotes. His most fascinating idiosyncrasy is his discreet mystique. YL exists for the most part as an enigma. Online results for ‘YL’ do not yield masses of information, nor do they produce many song links. A search will generate a few obscure articles, links, and images associated with the ‘RRR’ conglomerate. As the artist “digs in the crates ” for sound influence, fans adapt by expanding search efforts to discover vital snippets of information.


YL’s sound is deeply reminiscent of a time in hip-hop when everyone strived to contrive. His music emits the nostalgia of the ‘golden age’ with dusty drum sets and instrumental experimentation. Listeners value the stylistic imagery and innovativeness that undoubtedly leaves them in a state of mindful meditation. YL is a hip-hop prodigy that is fully within the midst of creating himself and his art form, simultaneously.

Comprehensive bodies of work firmly position YL as an enlightening innovator. He has established lyrical grandeur with relatable messages and themes that encompass various aspects of his New York existence.

YL’s flow symbolizes originality and authenticity. ‘Open 24’ (prod. by Roper Williams) serves as the outline to YL’s artistic capabilities. Therefore, he has yet to reach the peak of his creative output. YL consciously intertwines his perspectives with an essential blend of modern day and nineties era New York sound.


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