Winning the Winter

It is downright wild what is driven to the forefront through circumstances. Throughout life, there is loss and there is love. No matter what happens – there is always a way to elevate and strengthen your core values. When your back is against the wall or your shoes seem sunk in the mud – you can still rise above and triumph.

Winter Rehash

Everybody knows that 2020 brought trying times. When it comes to perseverance – you could never break a great spirit. What weighs may be immense – but those who are resilient will always find their way. Life is not linear – ups and downs will come – those who build relationships with a strong foundation will conquer all of the twists and turns.

“True neighbors are willingly obedient to unenforceable obligations.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

A key characteristic of living is the ability to listen. Showing that you understand by going out of your way to show someone you care speaks volumes about kindness and consideration. Listening to music is also an essential way that many people tend to get through their day. 

Yesterday, in Albany – the first snowfall touched the ground. It is these types of natural occurrences that really put life into perspective and make us enter cozy mode. Cozy mode symbolizes reminiscent times and thinking upon what we have done in the past when the weather gets cold.

Below is a list of hibernatory activities that have brought us great warmth.

1 Bundle Up Kid YL

2 Blowing the dust off an old Pokemon cartridge and passing the time with a classic game

3 Reading books that do not require much thought – only leisure and entertainment

4 Alone Time.

There are some activities you just want to hold close to your chest to receive warmth. While many people find winter to be a drag – that is only true if you make it that way. All seasons are temporary and every day provides new activities and developments to be thankful for.

Last winter, we turned on the reading lamp and zoomed through the Autobiography of Malcolm X in 5 days. Couldn’t get enough of the story and we had to unlearn and relearn some important lessons!

It’s something about special breeds of people that turn up the heat in the winter time. It’s the flip-the-script notion of hustling harder for your craft while others take the time off due to inclement weather conditions. Get up and get what’s yours because while others rest you can take advantage of the openings!

No matter what it may be – find peace and joy in the simple routines. Giving full force and undivided dedication to each and every aspect of your life will bless you and those around you with benefits in bundles. 

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