THRiBTH Series: Oceanography

5. Frank Ocean enjoys tai chi and kung fu on Saturdays in Santa Monica.

Whether it’s yoga, running, basketball or tai chi we all have our ways of being active.


4. Respectfully telling Chipotle to “F*ck Off” on his Tumblr.

Apparently, the beef stemmed from an agreement Chipotle and Ocean had. Frank got paid $212.5K for his vocals he never sent. He disagreed with the message the video sent. His attorney says, “There was no Chipotle reference or logo in the initial presentation, and Chipotle told Frank that was an intentional element of the campaign. Frank was also promised that he’d have the right to approve the master and all advertising.” Chipotle sued Ocean for $425,000 and this is how he responded:ocean

3. Remaining mysterious.

Frank keeps a pretty lowkey persona. His true fans visit his Tumblr each day to see any new information he might reveal. Like on February 12, 2012 Ocean let us know that he’s only had sex in six cities on the planet. I’m going to say that New York and Los Angeles are a safe bet, what about the other four cities?tumblr_m0p1cmN9WM1qmrbzio1_500

2. Experimenting with different producers, artists, and creative directors.

It is publicly known that Odd Future is a thing of the past. Everyone has decided to go their own way en route to individual careers. Pharrell has played a strong influence on Frank Ocean’s musical journey. It’s safe to say that Frank is putting full time and effort into releasing his next project. Many of us just wished it would have came out in July as he hinted toward on his Tumblr.frank ocean

1. Giving the people what they want from an artist: Quality.

There is nothing wrong with keeping your fans patiently waiting for an album release. Ultimately, the artist knows when the best time is to release their music. We all know that this man is a gifted artist and his album will hit the airwaves in due time. Just wait on it.


Ian uses hip-hop as an instrument for giving a voice to whoever wants to actively speak. Tune in to his Twitter for lyrics and new song releases.

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