ThBTh Series: Migos’ leader Quavo // Guest Appearances // Quavonce

Hip-hop has a knack for gathering groups of eclectic and unique individuals. The component of hip-hop stardom that separates artists from their counterparts is the spotlight. An artist gathers recognition normally by one of two ways. Either he or she produces independent efforts through channels such as Soundcloud or in collaboration with their respective record label. Who, what and where determines how much influential ‘airplay’ the artist may receive. The most crucial factor is the ability to find people who are willing and able to give an artist airplay and credible collaborations. Ultimately, the burden lies upon the artist to develop their abilities to place themselves within beneficial and advantageous positions. The key lies within the intention to reach an audience and tantalize them with hit-making ability. The people and the places strategically chosen by musical associates often determine the path and direction of an individual career.

Specifically, the focus fixates on three family members from Gwinnett county in Atlanta Georgia. The Migos burst onto the scene circa 2013 when Drake remixed their single, “Versace.” Migos consists of Offset, Takeoff and Quavo. None of the Migos members are above twenty two years old and have each launched three successful careers. Most recently, their hit song, “Bad & Boujee” produced by Metro Boomin featuring Lil Uzi Vert has dominated social media and given Migos newfound popularity. The special part about this Migos team is that they function as a well-oiled machine. “The roles are clear and everybody must know its role in the team.” (Quavo) Quavo’s emergence has provided a solid foundation for Migos in terms of leadership and profitability due to the multiple appeals that come as a result of Quavo’s talent.

As of right now, Migos possesses upside and potential that serves unmatched to any other piques within their respective careers. Although, things haven’t always been this way. Growing up the three Migos members were raised by a single mother in a small home. They started rapping in the seventh grade but changed their approach once their songs gained a bit of notoriety. Migos had to deal with the incarceration of member, Offset a few months after the release of their song, ‘Versace.’ As a result of this incident, Migos decided to hire a manager named Kevin Lee a.k.a Coach K to guide their musical endeavors. Through every setback, these artists have exhibited endurance and persistence to persevere toward their future encounters. Their performance in Lagos, Nigeria proves their significant progression in concert. This group truly showcases the ability to captivate an audience with their energy and aggressive stage presence.

Quavo has earned the nickname ‘Quavonce’ due to the fact time and time again he has demonstrated superior intellectual prowess. He has features with major likenesses like Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper and Kanye West. Certainly, Quavo has proven the lyrical ability to create a comparison to Beyonce (formerly of Destiny’s Child).

A little known fact about Migos is that they actually claim ownership to the origination of the dance moved dubbed as the ‘dab.’ The Migos also came out with their own line of Rap Snacks flavored, ‘Sour Cream and Onion with a dab of ranch. Soon to be four years since, ‘Versace’ earned a Drake remix and Migos has established themselves as young rich moguls set to maintain a lasting influence in the hip-hop world.

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