DJ Lucas the Active S. Amherst Pacifist

“ This is not a dream – this is really happening ! “

Low and behold, shifting mediums always advance thought-patterns. Whether it be through Quakerism or enlightening transformation – DJ Lucas reigns from Western Massachusetts – South Amherst to be exact. By way of East Coast collegetown flavor this man solidified his name within an area normally not associated with hip-hop.

At age 16, DJ Lucas laid down the grassroots with his Dark World group. Their abrasive and unorthodox nature definitely got them some looks. Essentially, Dark World jolted punk rock hip-hop onto the scene. Words others might use to describe them – Unpolished, weird, outlandish, freaky. Touring the college circuit and continuing to bang against the brick wall paid dividends for one member in particular. 


Lucas emerged genuinely from a musical background given the fact that his Dad was a booking agent. He would hand his CDs to people like Nick Lachey until finally he got on stage before  bands booked by his father (The Fray) As a teenager, DJ Lucas opened a concert in front of nearly 3,000 fans before All-American Rejects came on stage.

Today – his music resonates mightily with many demographics. It is amazing the type of progress that comes from putting forth effort. Experimentation in a 1700s style Amherst house definitely brought about significant progress. The way that his group of friends navigated and leveraged their influence on campuses and amongst social circles speaks volumes.

A lot of history comes from within that house in the rural sector of W.Mass. Rather than sinking in debt like most 18 year olds this group of clerks fused their abilities into one communal pot and continued to push. Setting the visual tone with VHS footage and branding their merchandise with a Jumpman logo tilted to resemble a ballerina gave them solid footing to build upon.

Locally Celebrated

Bouncing around from Mass to Los Angeles to New York while maintaining local loyalty proved to be a vital formula for this artist. American education does not foster entrepreneurs – plain and simple. On a grand scale, our schools make failure synonymous with defeat. Alas, those who buck the system and self-familiarize through artistic expression from a yout’ tend to stand out. 

DJ Lucas grew up in the same town as Robert Frost and continues to choose the divergent path.* A good football coach will preach to their D-Linemen to never take the path of least resistance. Hence, if Lil Dicky and Asher Roth birthed a brainchild – DJ Lucas would pop on the scene. DJ utilizes raspy vocal variation and the three pillars of persuasion to provide authentic art.

Sound from DVNT (Dee-vee-ant) & Rose

Without a doubt, people will always welcome something different if it portrays imagery they have never seen before. One of the most intriguing aspects about music is locality. Basically, the ability to know where someone is from simply due to dialect/slang/surroundings. Vocal locality drives motivational presence by exhibiting a region of the world unbeknownst to man.

The Last Locals

Western Massachusetts does not typically draw a lot of hip-hop eyes. Regardless, DJ Lucas made the music his own with original twang and showcases his hometown often. The area consists of mainly Appalachia, colleges and geographical beauty acquiescent to the Berkshires or Adirondacks. Popping around from place to place and rotating locations works wonders for any individual.

An individual who would rather learn from peers (NOT TEACHERS) understands the unlearn and relearn ideology. To stand out from the saturation, self-taught actualization must occur.

“Be careful the things you say on a song your energy gonna invite that.”

DJ Lucas

As a hip-hop artist you have to know how to talk mess. The thing about it is that this man imparts wisdom while doing so. The first song we started rocking with was Digital Hearts a la Pastelle Records.*

We’re going to drop that song off below – let you rock out with it then come back with a DJ Lucas Part 2 about Quakerism. An interview would be choice as well. Peace.

This where something pivotal starts?

*Walt Whitman, William Faulkner, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Thomas Cole and Sylvia Platt also made their mark

*We found out the man we chopped it up with because he copped the RRR t-shirt at Top Shelf show was the head of Pastelle Records - Roseflows Vic. 

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