Tia Corine Crosses Her Freaky T’s

People love to put women in a box when it comes to hip-hop. Truth be told, women can do anything they please and Tia Corine does so gracefully. This North Carolina native has been putting out some absolute boppers for all to enjoy. It’s amazing the amount of traction these social media apps can garner for an artist and the results reflect that.

She bodied this track

What is so refreshing about Tia Corine (Winston Salem, NC) is the fact that when she began to see some revenue from her songs she put it into real estate. Many young people who experience success in the hip-hop world might spend that money on items with depreciating value such as cars, clothes, jewelery etc. Clearly this woman smartens up on the daily and continues to feed the people what they want – hits.

True to Self

Tia’s story will be told for generations. She went from working at Bojangles to having a song in their commercial. She wasn’t rocking with TikTok at first but after realizing her song, “Lotto” was doing numbers she hopped on it. The song ended up doing so well that it got spins on her hometown radio station – 102 Jamz.

One of TC’s most amazing qualities is her stick-to-it nature. Like the time she worked with the producer Sonny Digital – they were using different softwares which almost prevented their collaboration. Tia only knew Logic but since she wanted to work with Sonny Digital she sat down and learned ProTools. During this time, she really focused on the task at hand and was able to learn the program within 10-15 minutes until the song “Mine” was born.

This woman makes very courageous moves in the cut-throat music industry. If it doesn’t serve her ultimate purpose then it is unlikely she will participate. After all of the viral success from the song, “Lotto” all of the labels like Sony, Def Jam, Interscope etc. were flying her out to meet. 

Song starts at 0:28

Without much leverage, artist development or financial backing it did not make sense to sign to a major label. Her knowledge of the music industry remains extensive and she did not want to sign one of the dreaded ‘360’ deals and risk being put on the shelf. Maintaining dynamic independence and upward mobility played a pivotal role in her decision. In the end, she chose to sign with South Coast Music Group because it suited her best.

South Coast Music Group had been hip to her music and wanted to work much before the virality. Also, they are rooted in North Carolina so it just made sense for her. While she enjoys traveling for her career, it is important to stay true to her roots as NC keeps her grounded and provides much needed serenity. 

Building Legacy

Tia Corine aims to please and does not make moves if they don’t serve her longevity. Yes she has been experiencing rapid popularity now but it took much practice. Oftentimes she would practice training her voice to have different pitches so that she did not become one-dimensional. 

A prime example of her sticktoitness is the fact that she completed schooling at Winston Salem State with a degree in Exercise Physiology. While she does not foresee a future as a Physicians Assistant (she’s a boss not a worker) she utilizes the scientific knowledge she gained to improve her health and nutrition.

This woman definitely deserves more spotlight and she is grinding to get there. The features she receives on albums do not define her and she is better off with her own songs. Tia Corine loves anime and eventually wishes to get into voiceovers – we can definitely see it with the different voices and tones she hits on tracks. Regardless, this woman is a refreshing change of pace and continues to keep her foot on the music industry’s neck.

“Only competition is my mirror”

Stylist by Tia Corine

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