Ice Spice x New Yrrk

New York continuously fills the gap. Whether that gap be a drought, a type of time or a trend – New York fills in. The thing about NY minutes is that they move quickly. The hustle that comes with a native New Yorker is bred inherently – to truly separate you either have it or you don’t. 

Ice Spice popped upon the scene rather emphatically. She made her mark through with the song, “Munch” which received a Drake stamp of approval and sent her to another galaxy.

*VIRAL* as Fivi would say. 

*Lest we forget when this Gyalis – DreamDoll wore a New Era Yankee titted top*

She seems to be the brunt of a lot of criticism but Cardi B received the same type of envy when she started out. 

Ice Spice knows that you don’t get what you deserve – you get what you negotiate. Her rate rises daily and she has had to uproot herself from where she came to make a better situation for her loved ones. 

She has started to cancel shows if they were not able to meet the adjustment that her booking management requires.  

Just recently, Fivio Foreign brought her out on the stage at Rolling Loud in NY. 

The drill song that put her on the charts is scorching right now – but she’s been spitting bars.

It’s something about a woman who can project her pain onto the mic that really reels people in.

For those in the Albany area – make sure to pop out to the Capital Center for College Palooza on Friday, September 30th!


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