Griselda Stays in the Fast Lane – Mani & Streetz

NEWSFLASH: No matter what quarter it is or how the weather switches – it stays GXFR SZN! Griselda Records has HAD their foot on the neck of the hip-hop ecosystem.

They operate similarly to a Top Dawg Entertainment with the way that they stagger their deluxe releases from various premiere artists. 

Rome Streetz debut album, “Kiss the Ring” will hit the airwaves tomorrow September 30th!-

These individuals are so fly, so put-together and extremely smart. 

Altogether, they operate succinctly as a unit with Westside Gunn at the helm quarterbacking like a swift Randall Cunningham in his prime.

Wes you the Shepherd

Mani moves so clean and claims the racks have given her a lil ‘get money gut’ As if! Her voluptuous body sculpted by the Lord Himself serves each and every look ! Word to Armani’s Closet! 

What is extremely intriguing is the way that Griselda provides the wave while others ride the wave. They brought on the incredible VHS videographer – ThankYouSnapGod and proved to be the most interesting subjects he has filmed to date. 

While Griselda has gone about putting out teaser singles for Armani’s “Liz Loves Luger 2” they took a different approach for promoting Rome Streetz “Kiss the Ring.”

think the craziest thing about watching people like Griselda come up is the fact that we crossed paths with mutual friends of these people! Shoutout to Jean who is linked to SnapGod. Shoutout to Prolific Kid (Syracuse) who filmed the Rome Streetz documentary!

All in all, whether we make our way into that tax bracket or not – we are just blessed to witness such a formative time in hip-hop history.

To be able to breathe the air we breathe, write about the scene and share concert coverage/interviews/knowledge with these people is clearly not enough but will certainly do for now!


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