Sports To Get You Through the Drought!

Around this time, people begin to complain and get their britches in a knot about the lack of sports available to watch. Namely, the disappearance of collegiate basketball and football during the summer months hurts. There are many sports connoisseurs that particularly appreciate college sports as opposed to professional sports. Fear not! This Spring, many new sports are opening up and we are here to explore them.

FCF is Fan Controlled Football and boy does it move quickly. No punts, kickoffs, replays or goal posts. This 7on7 matchup operates on a 50 yard field. The running clock, 3 man offensive line and one-on-one PAT’s accelerate the pace. The most crucial component of this league is the fact that fans control the playcalling. Terrell Owens has recently made waves within this league at the ripe age of 48 years old.

The United States Football League is a bit more tame. These eight teams play a ten game season as the teams are primarily made up of free agents or players that couldn’t make their college teams. Originally, in the 80s the USFL could attract talent away from the likes of the NFL but eventually poor ownership choices led to its downfall. Definitely keep your eyes on this one as FOX Sports has invested a fair chunk of change in the league.

The great part about the USFL resides within its Strategic Education program to assist with goal completion and academic assistance. This is nearly the ideal scenario for a football minor league program.

Lastly, the league that everyone should tune into is the Crew League created by P Diddy and REVOLT. In this league – celebrities and their crewmates team up to compete in some friendly hoops. They matchup 4-on-4 on smaller courts for the opportunity to win $100,000. It exists as a distinct way to deliver music to fans, entertainment to viewers and an in-person chance to connect influential people. 

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