Detailed Dive into Nuclear Activity throughout Upstate NY

If Texas, Florida and California exist as nearly their own countries throw New York on that list as well. 315 and 518 area codes represent Syracuse and Albany, respectively. It is difficult to convince individuals who reside in one of New York City’s five boroughs that any other part of the region is considered NY. Nonetheless, historical happenings have taken place throughout time whether it be in the Catskill Mountains, Saratoga Springs or Adirondack Valley.

As an outstanding member of the Upstate NY community, Archibald McIntyre was renowned for representing America. This complex man was born in Scotland and settled at Albany in June 1773. In 1806, he became Comptroller for NYS thereby managing money, collecting taxes and handling expenses. In 1828 and 1840 he served as a presidential elector.

A. McIntyre [1800s]

More times than not, politicians and government officials called upon McIntyre. Previously, he met with other influential persons to push for legislation to connect Lake Erie, Hudson River and Lake Champlain on the grounds that they were navigable for commerce. He also played a role in finding Jersey City, New Jersey.

For 13 years, McIntyre & Henry Yates operated a firm that oversaw lotteries throughout the state. This man functioned well around funds and clearly foresaw many developments prior to seizing opportunities.  

Cinderella Metal

A.McIntyre [1900s]

Archibald McIntyre and his son-in-law David Henderson of Upstate NY were hiking the Adirondack mountains when they discovered a fruitful supply of iron ore circa 1826. The pair established the Adirondack Iron Mine in 1827 and began to extract iron ore from beneath the earth across land via Lake Champlain. 

Without any government assistance*, the pair forged forward to shale out the iron ore in order to support war efforts. By early 1830s the site had elevated their efforts in order to level up with a blast furnace. 

Lake Calamity

D. Henderson

Growing their operation to scale required more resources such as wood and water. While trying to map out areas to link to the Hudson with land guide John Cheney, Henderson ended up passing away in 1845. Make your own determinations within this mysterious tale – the urban legend involves two men, one pistol and wild ducks. It would be many years until dam built to connect sources of water as originally intended.

Since that disastrous day the entire mine and its potential got sent into the cosmos. Without many roads or pathways to reach the ore it was difficult to transport constituents from the Albany area to provide labor. Also, the ore continued to yield titanium which was seen as undesirable. After McIntyre grew to the reputable age of 85 he passed away in 1858.*

The mine sat vacant for nearly a century until [Part 2]

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*The U.S. government failed to construct a railroad to Lake Champlain

*McIntyre is buried at Albany Rural Cemetery in Menands, NY

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