5 Rap Photographers Always Ready to Shoot

Rap photography of our favorite legends gives us some of the most iconic images we have ever seen in pop culture.

It just so happens that when we think of rap photography, we think of the rappers being captured. But little do many people know, that rappers themselves like to take their own flics from time to time.

Look no further than A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, Pharrell Williams, Frank Ocean, and 21 Savage to see rappers going in with a camera in hand.

Here is a look at these rap legends who have dabbled in photography.

A$AP Rocky is still that PMF behind the lens

A$AP Rocky – as photogenic as Rocky appears, he is not hesitant to try new things either. This is sonically evident via his “TESTING” experiment as well as his creative endeavors (namely, the camera rotation transition that he unleashed during his A$AP Forever video)

It is so important to branch out of your comfort zone to truly tap into your inner being. A$AP has slightly distanced himself from his crew, in a sense, to explore more creative lanes and collaborations. Feel free to peruse some of his works below.

A$AP Rocky photographed by Dimitrios Kambouris while attending the Calvin Klein Collection during New York Fashion Week in New York City, NY – February 10, 2017 (Cred: @strappedarchives)

Tyler the Creator has excelled as a photographer in the rap music sphere

Tyler the Creator – one who embraces the hate and lowkey admires insults, Tyler has never cared about what people think of him. With a radical entrance into the industry (Yonkers video) and a ‘backpack rap’ type vibe, he shifts the landscape with his work. Unafraid to dive into new mediums, Tyler actually shot his own Rolling Stone cover with Kanye at the forefront. Say what you want about this man, but there is never a dull moment with him. 

Tyler fully enthralled within his photographic element (Credit: Dazed Digital)
*Faux Rolling Stones Cover* Shot By Tyler the Creator

Pharrell Williams is also a photographer? What doesn’t the rap legend do?

Pharrell Williams – Skateboard P is quite possibly the greatest producer of our generation. Extremely humble and reverent, he is just as versatile. You know what they say, “When it comes to streams of income, ONE is much too close to NONE.” His music output (rapping, singing, producing) BBC Ice Cream Brand, positivity campaigns and skin-care endeavors truly make a difference in communities worldwide. By understanding the magnitude of his opportunities, Pharrell never relinquishes an opportunity to be great. That also goes for photography and his warm embrace of outside cultures at an early outset. 

Pharrell Williams photographed by Sylvain Gaboury during the screening of “City Of God” at Soho House in New York City, NY – November 11, 2003 (Cred: @strappedarchives)

Frank Ocean the legend continues to surprise us

Frank Ocean – Frank the finesser moves so quietly and with so much pizazz it is nuts. Dropping a double album to satisfy his contract requirements, while raking in a bag from Apple Music right when Apple Music started to get poppin’ is truly a masterpiece in and of itself. Notably, Frank was seen at the 2019 Met Gala snappin flicks on a classic Contax T3. Without a doubt, this man carries complexities that separate him from others and truly create wondrous works of art.

Frank in the 2019 Met Gala Tank Trenches

21 Savage is a rap photographer that you would not imagine

21 Savage – a near-death experience will certainly make one shift their trajectory. This is exactly what 21 Savage did and he has made it more and more difficult to get near him ever since. Just recently, the price of a Savage feature verse reached six figures and he is unafraid to dabble in video games, cartoons and play the villainous role. 

*Read to the beat of 21 Savage song – No Heart*

“Young Savage why you snappin’ so hard. Why ya picture captions so hard? Why you got like 4 SD Cards. Sheesh, is that DSLR?” 

21 Savage – No Heart’

These rap photographers are always ready to shoot

Photography depends upon so many pivotal factors. A picture speaks one thousand words and the time spent to capture it happens within seconds.

With that, there is so much more than just seconds that are put into becoming a great photographer. The key aspects revolve around lighting, setting, details, and comfortability between the one taking the flick and the photogenic one.

These photographers, while headlining as rap stars in their daily pursuits, sure know how to snap a fire picture. And for all of them, their endeavors outside of music are perhaps just as impressive as their highlights on stage.

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