Starker the Dutchmaster (RRR)(Lo Ceasar)

It is amazing that this is the first time we have given Starker coverage. Who is this Tony Starker guy ?

Appearing at a Sebastian Telfair type height exchange, donning NY brim & embodying verse pockets.

This guy sounds like a Ruff Ryder descendant mixed with Wu Tang for the combination of his deep voice and sentence complexion.

A Lo Life outdoorsmen clad with all conditioned seasons gear who boasts cleaner than you and he knows it.

Reminiscent of Cam’ron on Bill O’Reilly, Starker delivers words masterfully.  

Starker, first name Naceon has steadily bubbled amidst the underground independent scene. He emerged upon the scene with Lo Ceasar – a duo debut with YL. Between YL & Starker, there have been a myriad of mixtapes.

The guerilla marketing lane that RRR artists fulfill meets the mark without major hassle. The key is to maintain rights through structural setups like United Masters or Bandcamp that allow the artists to reap the entirety of the rewards.

Many artists rake in the bag through vinyl press and by building rapport with the vinyl press companies. By securing the mutual acknowledgment of consistent clientele, artists usurp the offerings.

Dicey Society

Who says you have to be mainstream to make the most out of a career? Commercial success is overrated when a fair share of profits bestows unforeseen perspectives overseas. 

Star.Kelly’s endeavors transported him across the water into Japan – Morioka. His connections and tour presence are heavily felt in that area. The jubilance that he transmits amidst global concertgoers truly provides entertainment value. 

The difference-making factor that separates him from his peers will be breath control, stage presence and the delivery method to control the crowd. 


On his most recent album, this normally exclusive price pointed artist decided to make this project available on streaming platforms. The collection of songs does not disappoint and demonstrates vocal variation, crate sampling and the feel of gore-tex.

Favorite Quotes: 

“I stretch that Gwen Stefani like contortionist.”

“Burn like meruorac, anunaki and anorak”

“I lock it up Alakazam bend the spoon.”

Stonewall Starker

The approach and delivery surmounts as this project progresses. Many times Starker will float and flaunt the first line to foreshadow the best moment of the song. The way that the songs go follow a sequential storyline in the sense that there is rising action throughout every track. 

Ever notice how people get super tight when a good song cuts off ?

That’s because the rhythm progressively builds and one hitch in the giddy up means you have to start the song all over again.

Ayo agwimbawaye

Starker’s vernacular is type relentless and will cause listeners to run the track back on multiple occasions. His quick wit and stream of consciousness speed when spitting lyrics is remarkable. Connoisseurs catch the gist of a different line on every listen depending upon which rewind.

Wallaby Raps

The words don’t always have to be comprehensible – that’s why it’s called spitting.

What really got us hype during Stark’teryx was when Starker started fusing some Wu Tang noise experimentation. There is a distinct type of diddling utilized by certain Wu Tang Clan associates and we are so thankful Starker splashed a few of those ad-libs in there on “Saint James Joint.”

The coolest part about following an artist for 5+ years is the ability to feel like you are apart of their journey. 

Seeing a steady rise in popularity allows for the artist to continue gaining benefits, fans and an improved skillset. It is especially favorable to watch underground artists on IG live. There, they will share upcoming tracks, unreleased exclusives, previews, cut-ins and genuine moments between those who provide the wave and those who ride the wave.

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