Conceptual Contest – Designers Submit Versions of Their Very Own Nike Air Maxes

Nike’s On Air Vote Forwards competition rounded up a diverse batch of individuals in six different cities to create their own Air Max rendition. Designers in Seoul, New York, Tokyo, Paris, London and Shanghai submitted their customized sneakers. Six winners put together six different generations of Air Maxes (OG, AM1, 97, 98 + Vapor) Each sneaker chosen represents the heritage brought from the respective city and its cultural significance. It sure is interesting to view how each designer infiltrated the shoe with their own bit of flavor, style and pizazz. Without further ado, feast your eyes on the entries below.

feature image


Seoul Neon (AirMax 97)

Shanghai Kaleidoscope (AirMax 97)

Paris Work In Progress (Vapormax)

Tokyo Maze (Air Max 1)

La Mezcla (Air Max 98)

So which pair are you rocking with? It was an easy decision between the Paris WIP or New York’s La Mezcla but ultimately (allegiances aside) based upon pure heat and aesthetic appeal we have to give the nod to LA MEZCLA. Until next time, make sure you MAXimize your time, energy, and spatial location throughout every situation!

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