Last Year Being Broke(n)- FYBR Twelvyy’s Fashion Embodiment

The trials and tribulations of growing up within various New York environments molded A$AP Twelvyy into a visionary. As visual artists, A$AP Mob incorporates every angle of their influential surroundings to produce the highest quality of significant output. As fashion pioneers, their Harlem efforts rivaled those of Cam’ron and Dipsets’ original flavor previously seen in the 1990’s.

The brilliance demonstrated by the mob exemplifies the power of succession. Undoubtedly, each member experiences their respective success as a result of order and discipline. Initially, Rocky and Ferg burst upon the forefront as leaders with A$AP Yams serving as the mastermind. Their collective hosts the unique ability to intertwine and merge aspects of art, fashion, and motivation. A$AP Mob creates mass value by internally incubating every idea, concept and design to perfection before it is released to the public.

As forefathers of fashion, A$AP affiliates will be the first to inform you of their advanced ways. Their refined confidence defines the hunger and represents the mannerisms required to survive within certain parts of New York. Often imitated, never duplicated their cockiness serves as a monumental pillar to a prosperous foundation. There comes a time to be humble, but in terms of fashion and self-awareness members of the mob are assertive.

Assemble Stacks and Pile Up

It took longer than a decade for A$AP Twelvyy’s first album to drop. Patiently, he continued to grind through tours (Flatbush Zombies) and progressive measures. The amount of time and perseverance it took for Twelvyy to bubble represents the undying passion and realism of his mantra, Last Year Being Broke. Upon the completion of his final studio session with Yams, Twelvyy took the upbeat nature LYBB (the song) and completely flipped it into a lifestyle maneuver. The aura of A$AP Yams truly touched the soul of each member and led them to exceed great expectations and achieve countless endeavors.

LYBB delivers a source of global influence for urban fashion that encourages teenage and adult demographics, facilitates upcoming trends, and utilizes unwavering influence through fine silks and fabrics. The conceptual basis of the brand relies upon the individual’s desire to invest and harvest control of the power they host over their lives. Mainly, it adheres to the fact that masses strive for the acquisition of success.

As a cultural movement, LYBB provides much more than a slogan and ideology. In order to perpetually cultivate one’s work ethic, the brand helps to diminish the notion of subconscious inadequacy. It is a timeless aphorism subject to continual evolution that also aims to eradicate the idea of being alone within the struggle. Ultimately, it is the quintessence of financial enlightenment coupled with spiritual guidance.

Twelvyy overcame the depths of Castle Hell, a place whose hardships deplete the spirits of many and dampens creative potential. Thus, the brand’s mantra drives out doubt for those who feel disheartened or deterred from their ambitions. Therefore, LYBB fuels global outreach efforts and breaks the rules and boundaries of our universe.

The importance of life comes down to what humans sacrifice. Early on, Twelvyy learned the value of sacrifice through the lens of his family members. Currently, he implements acquired philosophies toward an appealing brand that captures realisms through a motivationally relative slogan. Within a year, LYBB expounded from t-shirts into full athleticwear complete with accessories and high demand. Its’ astounding affordability coupled with special circumstances by which it originated creates an outstanding impact within the fashion community. Indeed, Twelvyy manifested a glaringly unique movement that strives for advancement, much like a Fortune 500 company. It accommodates every person that craves financial, mental and social freedom by inspiring them to grab life by the reigns within each of those categorical aspects.


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