From Another Stratosphere – Bloody O’s SM Come Up

The youth culture revolves around trendiness and modernity. Often times, children who aspire for greater purposes seek a role model to latch onto. Luckily, the world of fashion constantly adapts to the inevitable shift of styles from all across the globe. Enter social media icon, Bloody Osiris whose unconventional wisdom spans generations beyond. Bloody Osiris hails from around 155th area in Harlem, New York and continues to shatter the barriers in his path.


Daily, Bloody Osiris and his “brother” Bloody Dior formidably speak their realities into existence. In and out of incarceration these two individuals hold each other accountable for the trends and modernities that they encompass throughout their cooperative encounters. The hustle and come up between these two surrounds their natural patterned ability to stay true and elevate their movements through authentic collaboration. The “Bloody Brothers” maneuver amongst negativity and remain a positive emerging force within the fashion industry today.

From the Block to the Runway

Audiences struggle to understand the rough exterior and adverse backgrounds this man overcame. In turn, this creates a stronger degree of difficulty for those who cannot comprehend the magnitude of their existence. There are some who wish poorly upon them due to their successes and they consistently reject the negativity in favor of their future endeavors. Undeniably, social media created avenues unbeknownst that amount to revenue never before seen.

Bloody O would never trade his competitive characteristics in exchange for a passive lifestyle. Since a young age, he carried unlimited potential just couldn’t find the means to express it through the traditional educational system. Although, his intellect stretched beyond that of his peers, he struggled to apply himself within the classroom. Clearly, he personified levels of greatness once he discovered the route by which to pursue. Now, he visually coordinates his efforts with the same steadiness by which his style originated.

Being open to interpretation and creative wisdom guides the majority of his trajectory. Blends of inspiration and aspiration mend the garment presentation presented by Bloody Osiris. Jim Jones of the Diplomats struck a chord within Bloody throughout his duration on Earth. Staying true to his turf, each person manages to pave a uniquely considerate lane for prosperous fashion.

One With Self

As a proponent of self-confidence and personal encouragement, this model truly plays an outstanding role within the fashion community. The fascination arises from his ability to stay true to his core roots all the while advancing himself into high profile opportunities. At the SS18 Men’s Off-White Paris Show, Bloody Osiris styled the models who traversed across the Pitti Palace piazza. With a mentality that allows free roaming thoughts and expressions, Bloody Osiris and Jenny Holzer flexibly adjusted their apparel approach swiftly in conjunction with one another.

Certainly capable, Virgil and Osiris bounce ideas and share creative customs together in great synchrony. Their sensible fashion adroitness represents a distinct brand of veracity. Virgil Abloh illustrates and operates the likeness of Off-White while Bloody Osiris recently commenced “Jerome Jhamal.” Other Osiris fashion functions include BSTROY and Pastelle (started by Kanye West.) Relentlessly, Bloody O proceeds to advance per day en route to the mastery of total creative control.

“Fashion itself doesn’t speak with the same volume without context. That’s what the collaboration gave me personally: Volume against the white noise of rhetoric.” (WM)

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