KFC Drops A Surprisingly Fire Collection of Holiday Clothes

KFC’s recent branding expenditures have yielded spectacular results through great attention to detail, from spot-on social media tactics to the revamped marketability of Colonel Sanders. The chain continues this for the holidays, with the release of a limited collection of holiday goods.

KFC has released a range of limited edition apparel and merch, including T-shirts, caps, earrings, pins, stickers and pillows.

The highlight might be the fried chicken bath bomb, as well as a “LEGAL TENDERS” money clip and a $10,000 inflatable Internet Escape Pod — the latter constructed of stainless steel mesh and a high-density architectural foam, which is designed to isolate Wi-Fi signals and provide a safe space for consumers.

“Our finger lickin’ faithful deserve to celebrate the holidays by giving and receiving some fried chicken essentials,” said George Felix, KFC’s U.S. Director of Advertising.

To get your hands on some crispy KFC swag, head on over to their online store here.

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