*Very Rare Lil B Cooking Show* Food Makes Me Happy

To fully display his appreciation for the culinary arts, Lil B has rolled out a new online cooking show called “Food Makes Me Happy.”

In conjunction with Colin Tilley and AwesomenessTV, the show finds Lil B inviting top chefs and social media influencers to talk food.

With playful visuals and sound effects, the show utilizes children’s themes while discussing food culture and making tasty food recipes. Once dishes are prepared and submitted, his guests critique the rapper’s cuisine combinations.

“Food Makes Me Happy” premiered on December 9th. During the first episode (below), Lil B and delved into the elements of a paleo diet or as Mary Shenouda, the “Paleo Chef”, referred to it, “The Caveman’s Diet.”

The purveyor of positivity, Lil B, a truly rare individual provides insightful commentary and loads of entertainment value with his newest culinary venture. Catch the new series on AwesomenessTV’s Facebook and/or Youtube channel.

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