SoundCloud’s Near Death Experience

Recently, Soundcloud cut 173 employees (40% of workforce) and shut down offices in San Francisco and London. Many began to speculate that the independent streaming service would succumb to bankruptcy.

“We need to ensure our path to long-term, independent success” ~Alex Ljung, CEO

Rumors began to swirl that Soundcloud had exasperated its funds and only had 50 days remaining.

Enter Chance the Rapper, Grammy winning artist who has yet to distribute any physical discography. With an invested stake in independent streaming, Chance stepped in to ensure Soundcloud’s longevity.

So, there you have it folks. No need to panic as Chance the Rapper (man of many capes) saves the day once again.

EXTRA: To celebrate the rebirth of Soundcloud, Chance the Rapper dropped a BANGER of a track with Young Thug titled “Big B’s.” Stream it under Soundcloud profile: “ChanceTheRapper.”

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