Mental Stability w/in Crypto Bubble

Create a market cap for gains and losses to reduce impulsivity
Build an order of operations and never break the routine
Track your time on task in order to manage the hours you are online
Do not mistake exchanges for wallets – ensure complete ownership of digital assets
Be emotionally neutral – focus on methodology, trade framework and percentages

Jacob&Co sets the tone; first ever NFT Luxury Watch

This product targets the digital luxury and high-end consumer, and a starting bid clocking in at $1000. It directly markets toward the customer who follows business developments, tracks the trends, and knows when to make a lucrative investment.

Austin Butts (ASSPIZZA) Creates Focal Points of Fashion Through Nonchalance and Exclusivity

The era of the “social media influencer” has birthed quite a few strange characters. There are a fair amount of … More