User-Centric Riff App Puts Tools in Creative Hands

When it comes to music records and label executives paying artists fairly, there inlies a Riff. To riff someone is similar to diss someone or snub them. The riff that exists deals with out-of-touch exec heads usurping power through unfair contracts that occur because an artist does not market themselves wisely. 

All that nonsense aside, the future is here! With platforms such as Audius, Phlote and now RiFF popping up – independent means toward music success are starting to rear their brilliant heads. 

Riff is an app that merges voice, video and music. They make it possible for artists to monetize their daily work and become apart of a global artist roster. Some ways are through mobile concerts, listening parties merchandising and sponsorships. 

CEO – Kara Katz [Stanford engineer]

CTO – Steve Peterson [Stanford scientist]

EVP – Brandon ‘BL’ Lewis [Morehouse]

Does Riff approve though?

Riff licenses an extensive music catalogue, including all major and independent labels. They refrain from using the phrase, “Where’s the Bag @” Their application is structured with rooms much like a Clubhouse combined with Instagram Live. They show extreme promise with investors like Quality Control Music, TDE and Empire all on board.

Kevin, “Coach K” Lee of Quality Control will also serve on Riff’s Board of Directors. The reason why this app looks so promising is because it does not look outward for validation. It sees that validation can take place within the current industry and does not offer an alternative. Rather, Riff looks to bolster existing talent by giving them modern tools to thrive.

​​“For too lengthy the Tradition has continuously pushed developments in expertise however has by no means performed an element within the possession. Primarily based on the Tradition’s affect, these corporations are being acquired for billions, and we aren’t part of that dialog – the buck stops right here.” Riff

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