To the House: Eastmoor’s All Purpose Back Savon Edwards

Savon Edwards Jr. of Eastmoor Academy is a downright lightning bolt. His skillset pieces together elements of agility, elusiveness and explosiveness. Every time that he touches the ball there is a possibility that he might take it to the house. Actually, that is one of the things that his coach preaches.

“When you touch the ball – score, because you don’t know when you’re going to get another chance to get in the endzone.”

It is that exact type of mentality that makes Savon a player you must keep your eye on.

From the outset, the Eastmoor Academy Football team has made it a top priority to, “aim for that 13th game.” Some other goals that they set out to reach is to score at least fourty two points a game and shutout every opponent they face. With a handful of skill players Coach James Miranda is, “keyed in on utilizing them.” If the ball is in Savon’s hands, he treats it as a prized possession and intends to take it the distance every time.

Praised Precision

Coach James Miranda creates a lasting impact upon his squad. The saying that has left an imprint on Savon’s mind is,

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

The Eastmoor Academy coaches have trained their focus upon precision and place themselves in advantageous situations. Thus, that is the reason Savon is on the field throughout all three phases of the game.

Hillsboro Highlights

Truly a difference maker, Edwards Jr. has what it takes to score six every time he gets the chance. He leaves defenders in the dust with quick stop and start movements, shifty quickness and sharp jump cuts. When asked about what elements of his game give him an edge up on the competition he replied,

“My vision and footwork allow me to use a lot of moves. My vision tends to help open up lanes when I run between the guards.”

That Guy

He is the type of player that gives opposing coaches strands of sleepless nights. As someone who excels within all three phases of the game, Savon says that he prefers offense the most. “I like offense the most because I like getting into the endzone from the line of scrimmage and being a go-to guy for my team.”

A legend in his own right, Savon’s father has played an instrumental role within the success of his son.

“That’s who helped me get started in terms of everything I have become – he helped start my career and become the player I am today with training and mentorship.”

One of the drills instituted within his workouts deals primarily with balance.

“For years my dad has been having me do certain drills for balance by practicing to put my hand on the ground to avoid going down.”


At the Midwest Elite Exposure Camp Savon shined against his competition. Virtually unguardable, Savon gained exposure and was exposing other players in the process.

“I had a great day at that camp – I could do whatever I wanted route running wise – it just worked out for me that day.”

Reaching New Heights

Another crucial characteristic of Savon’s on-field package is his leapability. As a shorter defender, teams feel that they might be able to pick on Savon and frequently try to throw on him. He often makes teams regret this decision with constant pass breakups and interceptions.  With strong technique, Savon is a physical on ball defender and reliable tackler in the open field. He reads and jumps routes well and covers a lot of ground quickly.

“I’m used to teams picking on me because I’ve been short all my life – I never worry because I’m used to that – I just stick to what I’ve been taught and I apply that.”

On Special Teams, it would be wise to kick it out of bounds if Savon is lined up to receive. His breakaway speed and low center of gravity make it rather difficult to bring him down. A major reason why deals with his ability to burst past first contact, break tackles and find the seams. Steadily finding lanes, Savon maintains superior ability by consistently creating separation.

Edwards Jr.’s dream is to play football at the next level but if that doesn’t work out he would like to become a firefighter or physical therapist. This season Savon has firmly staked his claim amongst a pantheon of legendary Eastmoor backs such as Archie and Ray Griffin and Isaiah Pead.

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