Think Piece: Gianni Mora (Helder Vices)

Experimentation = Differentiation

To experience vast differential, fashion-minded individuals often institute groundbreaking methods and processes. With the marketplace becoming oversaturated, a truly defining characteristic of a brand’s identity comes down to the aspects of detail differentiation. The combination of distinct quality product with a heap of hype and luck often surmounts to an emerging brand or cultural movement.

Gianni Mora became popular when he reignited the trendiness of the “Dad hat.” His caps read, “I Think About You Sometimes” and were rumored to be apart of a potential suicide letter. The personal handwritten details coupled with a heartbroken type of theme caused this hat to sell upwards of 100,000 units. Indescribably, Gianni’s cap became highly coveted amongst high-profile celebrities. The likes of Theophilius London and Wiz Khalifa donned Gianni’s “Think” cap and highlighted its importance as a peak fashion accessory in 2014.

Since, Gianni’s efforts have allowed him to branch out to countless different streams of cultural relevance. Currently, he operates within the creative consultant sphere for Pastelle, serves as Playboi Carti’s creative director and manages the artistic talent of ThouxanbanFauni. Originally, Gianni and Carti did not function well together, but after mending relations their relationship grew to encompass several different mediums. Prior to announcing the official title of creative director, Carti and Gianni pooled resources to produce cover art, merchandise and video shoots.

Youth Visionary

Since 2012, Gianni Mora claims responsibility for nearly half a dozen different lookbooks and collection rollouts. Evolving from the hat realm, Mora found difficulty producing clothes for any brand name other than his given legal name. Eventually, this deeply gifted designer established his own brand identity by the name of Helder Vices.

In 2017, Helder Vices launched its, “Women, Aging & Consumerism” assemblage which symbolized serious maturation. The advancement of materials shined through in the form of evocative messaging and implicit connotations. Some of the garments included hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, button ups and tuxedo jeans. Much of Gianni’s imminence arises from his courage to construct unconventional thread combinations. His experimentation with different clothing textures such as Japanese lightweight french terry classify him as someone unafraid to adapt and encompass every realm of possibility.

Lust and Religion

Of late, Gianni presented another incredible scene for his 2018 apparel collection, “All-American Climax.” The evocative imagery featured within the assortment highlights enigmatic graphics and acrylic hardware. Loosely based around the ideals of Lust and Religion, Gianni focused his vision onto moody threads that partly serve as an ode to his original collection of items. Key pieces from the, “All-American Climax” revolved around nontraditional spirit and unconventional utilitarian purpose. The clothes featured standouts like loose button up t-shirts with emblazoned graphics and functional pocket hoodies that possessed a leather lunch sac carry option.

Many have deemed the auspicious denim jacket as one of Gianni’s most impressive apparel pieces. The “tarantula” jacket features monogram print and heavy duty metal button closure with insane embroidery details printed throughout.

To uniquely separate from the clamoring pack of fashion individuals, Gianni carves his own respective niche with expertise and creative contextualization. For his installation at 424 Fairfax in Los Angeles, Gianni conceptually transformed the menswear boutique into a giant ball pit. He has been able to thrive and conquer like individuals simply with far-fetched implications and the means to incorporate unconventional styles of sinister design.

The key to his elevation can be found within his formula of operation. Never stagnant nor pigeonholed, Gianni avoided the marginalization of the “hat-maker” label. Consistently, his endeavors have grown and shifted shapes into more than just the existence of apparel or accessories.

At the crossroads of design and function, Helder Vices established a minimalist nature-inspired furniture line. The offering inextricably links the contemporary concept of “PIMA” furniture with the rawness of nature. Its’ dark black tone symbolizes futurism, simplicity and authenticity. The set of furnishings involves an interchangeable backrest bench and chair comprised of glass, eucalyptus and oak ply.

Never limited to solely one purpose, Gianni’s eclectic base layer of fashion has blossomed into multiple different streams of influence. Alongside Jonah Levine, the two formulated CCCC (Quadruple C) a burgeoning two man creative advertising agency. So far, their clients have included Tory Burch, Stussy Nike and Off-White. Last January, they shot a trippy and surreal campaign for Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and Umbro collab, titled “Cultures Clashed.” Gianni draws strong inspiration from Virgil and their CCCC production made its way into French magazine, “Dull.”

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Excerpt from the first ©CCCC for OFF-WHITE film

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“He’s set the precedent for kids who can’t really decide on one creative outlet like me who wants to express myself through, film, clothes, sculpture or my shitty paintings. Virgil hacked it. Hopefully, I can be close to where he is when I’m in my late 30s, too.” (i-d)


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