ENDLESS: How Frank Ocean Created a Masterpiece

At long last, Frank Ocean has released his masterpiece, Endless. Following up on his, “Late” update and many postponements, the final product has become available to the people. On August 18, “Endless” emerged exclusively via Apple Music. This album arguably created the highest amount of anticipation that we have seen from any artist within the last ten years. The build-up for this release has turned many fans into investigators. Before we go in depth about the infinite content at hand, let’s explore the path Frank took to develop this aesthetically pleasing album which took more than four years to master. Don’t forget, there’s two versions.


It is difficult to decipher the reasons why Frank had us waiting so long to hear this new music. Ultimately, he holds the keys to the kingdom of creative power and direction. With that, several factors may have played a role in the development of the time span between albums.

Let us not forget the fall out Ocean had with Chipotle in March 2014. The two parties made an agreement upon specific terms by which Chipotle violated. The artist received $212.5K for his vocal efforts that were never received by Chipotle. The disagreement lied within the details according to Frank Ocean’s attorney, “There was no Chipotle reference or logo in the initial presentation, and Chipotle told Frank that was an intentional element of the campaign. Frank was also promised that he’d have the right to approve the master and all advertising.” Following a lawsuit where Chipotle tried to pursue Ocean (real name Christopher Breaux) for $425K the issue became settled:

Controversially speaking, Frank Ocean inhabits a low and mysterious profile. That is the reason why this ordeal with Chipotle caught some fans off guard. After a series of bizarre happenings with Chipotle, it is safe to assume that Frank has steered himself into a completely different direction. Rather than trying to market talent commercially, he has decided to invest complete time and consideration into himself as an artist. We are bearing witness to an eclectic genius that constructs works of art through the simplest of nuances.

Another July came and it went with only the aforementioned, ‘Late’ post to show for it. This current month of August proved to be the most significant in terms of tangible content. The emergence of the warehouse where the live stream began at 395 Johnson Avenue in Brooklyn, NY provided fans with the opportunity to watch Frank build different objects and accomplish different projects for days on end. The ‘Endless’ stream took on an entirely new meaning on August 18th.

The fans were blessed with a fourty five minute visual album that showcased eighteen songs and two different settings within the warehouse. ‘Endless’ blurs the line between still and motion picture through the deliverance of an entire body of music in a foreign environment. The artist does a terrific job of distinguishing this release by providing an exclusive release. Kanye West hosted a fashion show and exclusively released, “T.L.O.P” on Tidal. Frank Ocean released a forty five minute long music video and plans on dropping another version this weekend. Thank you Frank for live streaming your life for us to conceptualize.




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