Hooper Slash Artist – Flau’Jae

It is clearly evident that this woman is an absolute star. The storyline that everyone missed revolves around the sheer magnetism, hope and positivity displayed by the likes of this multi talented versatile superstar, Flau’jae.

Hip-Hop as Sport – 5 Times Artists Got Bodied on their Own Song

Hip-hop exists on a gridiron by which individuals must sharpen their sword and stay ready to compete at any given moment.

R&B Jozzy Signs to LOVE Records

As far as Jozzy goes – she is authentic, grounded and pure. She preaches that the music business is 40% studio time and 60% networking.

Kenzo x Nigo Rundown

Each of these men redefined the parameters of fashion and it is impossible to place either of them in any specific category due to their ultimate versatility.

Trump Pardons Kodak, Wayne & others – Cries Pizzagate Amidst Impeachment

For as unbelievably divisive, shady and inexperienced as Donald Trump proved himself to be in office, he remains a celebrity. … More


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Pusha T Squares off with Drake: Duppy vs. Infrared

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