FREAKJET – Vel the Wonder & ZOOMO

The aspect about Vel that we adore most is the way that she bares all on the track. Her pain is our pain and the vulnerability she exhibits makes the connection so much stronger between lyricist and audience.

How to stay focused in school as a new season approaches

All in all, stay organized, stay hungry and push yourself further. The more you put on your plate, the sooner you will understand that we are all elastic in nature. The sooner you will realize how to be your best self as a student.

MTN Dew Rise LBJ Campaign

There is no doubt about it that LeBron James is a model citizen. He has nary a blemish on his record – we’re talking squeaky clean. He has risen above the naysayers and carried teammates oftentimes forcing them to rise further than their typical capabilities. Night in and night out, LeBron continuously demands more from himself and those who surround him.

Red Bull x New Orleans + Monique Lorden Interview

The goal of this transformative project aimed to replace backboards in the Crescent City. All eight participants contributed artistic prowess toward the embetterment of the community. We took some time to chop it up with Monique and tap into her basketball background.