Rap Lyrics on Trial – Senate Bill 1738

In this segment, hear why we are tracking Senate Bill 1738 – rap lyrics on trial.

Although the bill has passed the Senate – we are so far removed from the inner workings that this holds absolutely no bearing whatsoever. Regardless, passage in the Senate symbolizes strong movement for this bill that limits the admissibility of lyrics as evidence. If it fully passes through Assembly and adoption – this may mark one very minor victory for artists.

Hip-Hop as Sport

Real Hip-hop artists carry meaning and can speak to an audience. If you really shift paradigms, people will gravitate toward you. It is difficult to explain but easy to hear when somebody truly puts their fresh new spin on something. Crate digging can evoke such illustrious emotions from the listener when soul samples are mixed correctly. 

We are firm proponents of the fact that lyrics should contain substance, escalate with progression and tell some sort of story. Whether it be your story, a story – it is just important to hear a FRESH NEW story. 

Lyrics are a byproduct of an artist’s amalgamation. Meaning – everything that makes up a person can be heard in bits and pieces throughout their discography. If you are observant and notice somebody else being observant in nature then you are observant too.

Individuals may share common ground by understanding patterns and recognizing when artists choose to reveal certain core components or unravel stories in layers. 

Notice how in-depth lyrical analysis attaches to substantial lyricism? It would be difficult to ascribe these critical thoughts and theories toward many modern hip-hop songs today which hold zero subject matter or originality. 

The phrase that has really rang off recently has been – No Idea is Original. It really revolves around not who did it first but who did it right. You can try and keep your idea discreet but ultimately execution will move mountains and speak volumes. 

Many people will see SB1738 and think this bodes well for the likes of Young Thug and his RICO case. Without passage it is impossible to tell and we are unable to speak knowledgeably about that subject. 

What we do know is that it is very ironic that the bill for Rap Lyric Admissibility in a court of law is #1738 – Aye! If it passes – Fetty Wap will be smiling somewhere. Stay tuned as we will provide updates in real time on this Senate Bill.

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