Hooper Slash Artist – Flau’Jae

Whenever March rolls round, most people start filling out brackets. This year, we had the inclination to fill out both brackets for men and womens basketball given the magnetism that surrounded LSU all season. They had a microscope on them and performed at the highest possible level to achieve a National Championship. Let’s take a look at the most intriguing storyline that was overlooked throughout the whole Caitlin Clark Angel Reese hand waving ring gesture drama: FLAU’JAE.

#4 on LSU Flau’Jae Johnson came out of the womb destined for greatness. The SEC Freshman of the Year played her role extremely well and contributed mightily to the success LSU accomplished under Kim Mulkey who used to coach Baylor. Her performances off the court is what has got everyone buzzing. 

As a young woman she never got the chance to meet her father formerly known as Camouflauge. He was on the verge of signing to Universal Music Group right before he was gunned down. His daughter’s only interaction with her father is through the music which drove her to rap to remain close to his spirit. She preaches about minimizing violence and does not curse in any of her lyrics.

Fate Driven from a Young Age

When she was eight years old, somehow a relative snuck her into a concert where she hopped on stage in memory of her daddy. She started really competing with her rapping at Victory Heights Park in Savannah, GA. She contributes a great deal of her core contributions to the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club in Savannah. Recently, the corner of Abercorn Street and West Montgomery Cross Road in S.Savannah was named after her. 

Since she started to elevate and mature within her music – she has appeared on shows like America’s Got Talent and Rap Game with Jermaine Dupri at age 12 and 14. Although she did not win – gaining cosigns gave her just the right direction and trajectory she needed. 

“You are a beast to be reckoned with. You’re incredibly talented. You are a poet. You are a songstress. You are an entertainer and as far as AGT: All-Stars go, you at this moment are my MVP.”

Howie Mandel

Since winning the Natty – she already has verses with Lil Wayne in the works! Through continuous growth and grind, this woman has started to rack up NIL money too. On the Breakfast Club, she was not ashamed to inform the WNBA that they need to elevate their game as well.

We saw what happened with Brittney Griner in Russia – politics aside – women have to go to other countries in the offseason for additional contracts.

Regardless, Flau’Jae is a baller – she holds the all-time scoring record at Sprayberry High School in Marietta, GA for men and women. When Allen Iverson held his 24 player showcase, Flau’jae was the only woman selected. She is the MVP of the Jordan Brand/Slam Classics and clearly has limitless potential to shatter any glass ceiling. 

When Roc Nation reached out about her sports management for NIL – her mom also shared some of her music. This led to the first co-branded music/sports management Roc Nation deal. Flau’jae and her family are very wise and move according to guidance and moral code. She has also signed deals with Puma to push for equal representation of women athletes. 

She was 1/30 people chosen to work with Meta/Facebook for their ‘NIL Empower’ program. She created content and held workshops that focused on reels monetization. Mentorship, Career Coaching and Brand Connection were some other focal points of the ‘Empower 2.0’ program. 

It is clearly evident that this woman is an absolute star. The storyline that everyone missed revolves around the sheer magnetism, hope and positivity displayed by the likes of this multi talented versatile superstar, Flau’jae.

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