Chase Fetti Demands Mandatory Respect

When you brush strokes and cross paths with certain individuals it is almost a symbol of affirmation. For Chase Fetti – he just happened to be cousins with NFL players. Hov just happened to come through his Cliffwood, NJ area because Memphis Bleek son lived on his block. When things occur by happenstance it is all you can do but apply pressure to utilize those connections that round the corners of a successful universe.

Initially, Chase Fetti stayed on 122nd in Harlem and garnered an A$AP affiliation. From the jump, he has been able to smoothly maneuver into rooms with the likes of Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky. 

Without a manager, without a record deal – Chase Fetti has flourished. He gives all glory to himself, his consistent work ethic and of course the Griselda blueprint. WSG, BTB, CTM all have allowed Chase Fetti to get his shxt off by giving him alley-oops and opportunities to advance his career. Have to say though – his smoothest collaborations have arisen a la work with Elcamino. 

L to R: Westside Gunn, Action Bronson, Boldy James, Stove God Cooks, Chase Fetti

It’s wild how people end up connecting – when you are a real one the pager clicks through to the right line. For example, when Chase man from Baltimore Aiyou Allah linked with Infamous Flee Lord his life would change. From that day on, Fetti moved around with Westside Gunn for nearly three months. 

Elsewhere, his cousin Vinny Curry (SB Champion) had been buying Griselda merch for years unbeknownst to the fact that they rap. That development lead to Conway’s acquaintance. He came across Benny in his hood and relates heavily on many concepts. Basically, he came across each three headed monster of GxFR through three different pathways.

When he was younger, Memphis Bleek’s son lived in the vicinity of his area so Jay-Z and others would frequently visit. Who knew and how ironic that the Griselda Blueprint would be passed down to so many talented artists.

Hoop Dreams

Oh what could have been for both Chase Fetti & Elcamino when it comes to basketball. It is some people that you can tell were just nice at ball. Chase Fetti played on the same AAU team as Andrew Bynum. Each of these incredibly versatile and confident individuals portray their talents and multilayered abilities on wax. Their indivisible fusion represents all that is good with the world of underground hip-hop. 

Bethlehem the mixtape by Elcamino and Chase Fetti clocks in at a brief seven tracks. It packs quite the punch in about 18 minutes. It just goes to show what types of brilliant creations come to life when certain individuals work together. It is a blessing that the blueprint distills so wonderfully.

Chase Fetti performs ‘Josh Allen’ at 1000words show in Providence, RI [11/06/22]

Chase Fetti and his growth truly serve reminiscent of Nipsey Hussle. Between the breakbacks, metaphors and punchlines this man definitely comes from that same elk and cut of cloth. His feature on HWH8 by WSG came about @Heem & Benny the Butcher video for It Could Happen.  Before that he had a feature on Griselda’s first cinematic film, “Conflicted.”

The incredible attributes that this artist carries push real hip-hop to the forefront. While he is braggadocious, he knows how to be a fly on the wall to soak up knowledge. There is no ceiling on the amount of insights he wishes to gain and everyone around him contributes to his growth.

“Fetti shared that his upcoming project “Blender Talk” is finished and ready to be released with guest verses from Benny the Butcher, Elcamino, Conway the Machine, Tsu Surf, and more. Fetti also revealed plans for future projects with Boldy James and 38 Spesh.”

Ryan S. Kim – Harvard Crimson

When Jay Electronica no-showed for Jay Electronica & Friends @Sony Hall Crimeapple and Chase Fetti became the headliners. Being jolted into action never fazed Chase – he rises to the occasion and obeys the gift horse. Turning his passion into a career did not simply come overnight. Since MySpace days – he has been striving toward greatness. 

He’s been in a position where he can put his own money up – all he needed to do was link with the right peoples. Now that he has established connections with the most elite hip-hop company in the game – highly anticipate what will come from his Mandatory Respect Ent. camp next.

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