Decoding Heavy D by Fuego Base

When 50 Cent first came in the game with Ghetto Quran – he had dirt on everybody. His name drops pulled the cards of many prominent individuals within the streets. Now, what Fuego Base did is not similar to that but still very impressive. Let’s decode his song – Heavy D.

We counted about 20 different artists namedropped to complete the lyrics of this song. Note: These are not complete lyrics – only the lines with namedrops. 

[Verse 1]
100 grams of Mac Miller in that 03z &

I can bet half a mil somebody OD’d B 

Tryna beat me & get Black Robbed

Fuck Shitty* cuz me and Nipsey cool

In the passenger of the Burban lookin Biggie smoove

Hit slums tell my ***** pass the Mac Dre

Im workin Tupac (2 pots) they want 2 P’s in AC

Your life’s a Big L & you smoke AZ


The China fine when we set the table

Sellin Kane like Big Daddy record label

Awh what a Rush (Simmons) when the Chev Revvin

Sellin Heavy D like the dead legend

[Verse 2]

You ain’t feedin ya army so ya Souljas Slim

We was pullin out guns to keep our Bankrolls Fresh

Wish Von just let his 40 go

When my bitch had boosted warrants I kept Shawty Lo

Bet if Base ain’t get it then my DJ’s Skrewed

Type to snatch the bitch and let her Pimp C

Got a TRIAD connect getting Chinx Drugz

We thought this was a very refreshing way to compose a track. This song is a standout on, “Biggest Since Camby” and that is really saying something. 

Other distinguishing moments: 

  • When Fuego Base went 4 bars for 4 bars with Rick Hyde on Take a Look
  • When he continued the name dropping theme but did it for his Black Soprano Family on House Phone

“Rather ride blowin L’s in Reno – 38 Spesh in that Elcamino – A Harvard ***** will let his shxt fly – Before you ever see Rick HyBenny helped me see my dreams through – So we killin over Heem too.”

Later on he goes, “Bring Gunns from the Westside over City Boy.”

“To this B$F shxt I done pledged allegiance – United We Stand Divided We Fall – If I ain’t say ya name it ain’t enough lines in the song.”

House Phone

*Shitty is a nickname for Eric Holden - Nipsey Hussle’s killer

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