Jimmy Toothpicks Debut Album Interview

On this 420 – sit back and let the music do the talking. Simply relax and let your mind unpack all of the stress. Maybe put on this new mixtape- Dior Torsos? It sure is smooth. To learn more about the mixtape, we exchanged voice notes with Jimmy Toothpicks.

Fresh News Now: If you would like to start by telling us how this release is different from other releases – is this your first collection of songs? How did Thunshine Records play a role?

Jimmy Toothpicks: I had Thunshine come together when Evan Bohn mixed all of the songs on the tape. I had Less throw the cover on for Dior Torsos – my first actual put together project with actual songs on it.

FNN: On the track, “Back from Florida” I noticed you said, “$30K for 3 days – that’s a big ass trip!” Can you tell us anymore about that? Was the song recorded in Florida? 

JT: Back from Florida was not just any ordinary vacation. I can’t really go into too much detail – just hustlin’ – tryna stack – for days.

FNN: I noticed that Tracks 1,2 & 9 had a very similar type of progression/flow. It was almost like you provided a great deal of space in between the words that you used. Is there a way you would describe this type of flow? Who might receive this type of flow the best?

JT: Tracks 1,2 & 9 was basically me just talking shxt. I didn’t really care if they flowed as perfectly as they could have but it kind of did come out all put together. Basically talking mad disrespectful shxt. That cocky kind of arrogant flow. People that have heard those songs tell me – boy you do that shxt real f’n well. N yeah its because I got that..cocky type personality. I just don’t let it out as often as I prolly should or have in the past. 

JT: Those tracks seem like Get-My-Point-Across tracks more than anything. There’s some comedy put in there, some threats & warnings, some guidance all sorts of shxt but you know when it comes out it just sounds like talking shxt you know?

FNN: I would say there’s a lot of dreamy type beats – almost like the track could play on Rainbow Road Mario Kart – were you goin for the cruise in the whip type vibes? In the house on surround sound? How would you say the album is best played – through which type of speakers – House, Car or Headphones?

JT: The dreamy beats for me is like when you’re on the highway at night smokin a spliffy or some shxt. You got your girl – or you got your boys in the backseat – just gettin lifted. Just tryna keep your head on your shoulders while on Cloud9 at the same time to reach a higher elevation. 

That’s kind of how I look at those beats. A lot of people see them as basic pluggnb beats I just like the beats – they wavy and they groovy –  sentimental in a way. Nostalgic feels is mostly the theme of those – ridin’ along cruisin’. 

Jimmy Toothpicks

FNN: My favorite three track run on the album is 5-6-7. I think Marge Simpson is the best song on the album. What are the three tracks that you think flow the best in terms of progression with one another? 

JT: I would say my favorite three track run would be Walgreens, Scopin’ & Nightmares because they’re really sentimental and they got that gritty flow but they also got the cloudy wavy type emotion to the beat structure.

There you have it, folks. Jimmy Toothpicks is just a young gun trying to elevate himself by any means. If you enjoyed this interview you would definitely enjoy the in-person conversation we shared. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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