420 Prominent Cannapreneurs (6 Mentioned)

Cannabis is quite the strange fruit with unusual connotations. The plant itself carries no harm, hardly any negative properties and does not provide a clear athletic advantage. If we’re talking athletics, it is much like a recovery protein shake in the sense that it provides the utmost relief. The strange fruit aspect surrounding cannabis involves the stipulations, the fact that it is most commonly referred to as “marijuana” and the pick-and-choose aspects that are involved.

“And I’m like Sha’Carri smoke ’em on & off the track.”

No Friends in the Industry – Drake

For those unaware, cannabis has always been safe and undeserving of a Schedule 1 categorization. After Prohibition, Harry Anslinger – Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics saw too little cocaine and heroine use. Therefore, he manufactured a war on drugs with white supremacist overtones and fear appeal. Turning it from medicinal to evil – cannabis became marijuana and the propaganda machine began turning its wheels.

Today, the plant has proven medicinal properties, become widely accepted/adopted and even allowed certain investors to make buku bucks. Yet, it still remains a Schedule 1 drug and a punishable offense for Olympic track stars like Sha’Carri Richardson. Here are a few athletes and businessmen that prove cannabis provides a significant boost in relief and is a tool for fair productivity.

Montel Williams – the plant aids this man’s journey with Multiple Sclerosis and has pushed him to become quite the activist. His Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Relief Fund aims to achieve restorative justice for those persecuted due to skin color surrounding this harmless medicinal agent. Many people are convicted of a crimeless activity while others build generational wealth from cannabis. It all depends on who you are and who you know.

Smokin’ on that Glacier Pack – Stay Zapped My Friends

Ricky Williams – Ricky was nailed to the cross for his cannabis use while in the NFL. Little did people know, Ricky busted his tail in the offseason and cannabis drove him to try nontraditional forms of exercise. For instance, yoga and ballet were adopted into his routines to maintain balance and homeostasis. Certainly, ahead of his time this is another example of how Anslinger’s desperate actions led to criminalization of a perfectly normal and even advanced human being.

Calvin Johnson – “Megatron” was forced to retire at the ripe age of 29. His body could not take the gauntlet the NFL put him through any longer. After every game to heal himself, CJ would consume cannabis. In no shape or form was he trying to hurt himself, anyone else or doing anything wrong. Yet, he had to keep this post-game ritual under wraps for fear of losing sponsorships and even his contract with the Detroit Lions. Simply unfortunate.

Al Jefferson – cannabis healed Al’s mother’s glaucoma as she was finally able to see the words in her Bible moments after inhaling. Jefferson spearheads cannabis efforts around the country and has advocated to make it the potential wellness product of Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league. He never smoked while in the NBA, but now enjoys the benefits and properties that the plant has enhanced within his own life. His vertically integrated company, Viola operates in Colorado, Michigan, Oregon and California. Kenyon Martin serves as a pivotal investor as they fight for sensible, equitable and diverse policies. 

Michael Phelps & Tim Lincecum – both of these men have proved their ability to perform at an extremely high level of competition and both enjoy a toke or two. Scientifically, there is absolutely nothing that proves cannabis is harmful. It may prove to be slightly habit-forming but much like any device or substance in this world – it is contextual and depends on the person. These two men proved they can be successful and put forth upper echelon effort all the while utilizing cannabis as a medicinal tool along the way.

All in all, cannabis has done much more help to athletes and business bodies than it has done harm. It is the corrupt overlords that have made it hurt innocent people and flipped the script on the plant for the worst. Unfortunately, some corrupt systems are firmly in place and it will take years of strategic resistance and activism to dismantle them. Until then, keep on keeping on for all that is right in the world!

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