Love is Blind Recap; Paul Grabs Micah’s Bridesmaids Booty after Being the only Man to Decline

Often times, shows on Netflix either get buried in the archives or they skyrocket up the charts. It’s rare to find anything in between – while shows with radical concepts and refreshing takes normally succeed. Enter “Love is Blind.” – A show that has rip-roared through the charts and into the homes of millions of viewers.

The show consistently flirts with the idea of long-distance type relationships. Except these people choose to enter into the ‘Pods’ – essentially blind speed dating for a month. The Pods made men and women out of several individuals who bravely entered into a romance accelerator. Zooming into invisible conversation, feeling somebody in the same room and hearing your possible boo on the other side of a wall is the way the show goes. 

Ultimately, the show creates so many intertwined spins that it makes a fan out of ones you would not expect. The way that it spindles so many different angles almost breaks the genre of reality TV and love stories. Everybody wants a happily ever after – the amount of wrinkles sprinkled in throughout the duration of the season really kept us on our toes.

Us = the most down-to-Earth realest one to put me on to many things – girlfriend & i.

There were five couples when the show began but two switched up and only four made it to the show’s version of wedding day. Out of the four couples that took the chance to say yes three of them decided to tie the knot. Paul and Micah managed to part ways while Paul appeared mischievous after exiting the dressing room. 

Overall, the show placed another power couple in the upper echelon tier like Cameron and Lauren from Season 1. That couple would be Brett and Tiffany who drew the most mutual affinity and appeared destined to be together from the jump. We really wish Kwame would have taken his mother’s advice and stepped away from the altar.

Sidenote: Marshall ended up losing out on love on the show but gained a bromance with Brett. 

Kwame and Micah possessed the potential to be one of the strongest couples this season. Everyone remembers their conversation when they let everyone out of the pods. Either way – Micah deserves better and Paul’s comments about her not being a nurturing mother were unnecessarily distasteful. 

The classiest move of the entire season goes to Brett. Calling her father in to ask his daughter’s hand in marriage truly showed the magnitude of his character. Especially given the short notice nature of the show – Brett exhibited the ability to persuade, console, confirm and empower throughout this season. The pow-wow power circle held with his friends truly solidifies him within the power couple tier.

Essentially, this show bends the constructs of modern television in a sense with the amount of different potential storylines. It provides a different slice of life and really proves to be a good watch with your significant other.

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