What in the World Happened to Steve Slaton?

One competitive day in West Virginia –

Steve Slaton raced against Pat White and won by one hundredth of a second. As a duo, the two were virtually untouchable. Together, they go down as one of the greatest ‘what-if’ scenarios in college football history. Uncanny ability to hit the jets and find the endzone puts them in a nostalgic class of their own.

Steve Slaton originally intended to commit his talents to Maryland University. After they stripped his scholarship [one of the largest mistakes in program history] he headed West by Virginia.

Trackstar Speed

It’s hard to gloss over the game when Slaton put up 6 TD’s against Louisville. The teams played 3OT’s as WVU won and went 156-39 after that game.

Slaton tied Willis McGahee with the most touchdowns and points scored by a Big East player – 6 TDs, 36 Pts (Oct. 15, 2005 vs. Louisville)[

Undeniably fast, the option read and ability to catch out of the backfield made Slaton a threat to score at any moment. Couple that with FB Owen Schmitt, Backup RB Noel Devine, Tavon Austin – it gets ridiculous. 

Slaton decided to forego his Senior season in favor of the NFL Draft and many believe he would have benefitted from a fourth year with P.White. During his NFL tenure he fumbled in Weeks 1-4 which put him on the chopping block. 

His inclination to lift and put on weight ended up having an adverse effect. Many believe he lost his burst due to the neck surgery and how difficult the recovery from an operation like that must be.

Steve Slaton holds an all-time memorable spot on the college football gridiron. While at WVU, the team went 19-2 when he was the starter. 

Furthermore, after his stint with the Texans and Dolphins he played some Canadian football for the Toronto Argonauts.

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