ANKHLEJOHN is the Anchor Holding it Down for D.C.

Picture going through life unaccomplished..impossible. The education system does its best to try and make students into squares. By squares, I mean workers – individuals who will never try to achieve ownership. ANKHLEJOHN grew up in D.C. and tried to rock the mic via slam poetry. Once that lane showed minimal funds – he pivoted into his own. My oh my how he chose the escalator route.

His moms met his pops at a go-go and the rest was history. On the daily, Ankhlejohn supersedes his counterparts scientifically. For those who remember Da$H from A$AP Mob – you might have heard of Ankhlejohn and their collaborative efforts. We originally came across Ankhlejohn via Starker and most recently in Providence at a 1000Words show where he pulled off a sick final stunt with his DJ, Look Damien!

“I can’t change where I’m from, but I can change my environment.”

Where you’re from molds you into the individual you become. The forms of life that you gravitate toward seismically shape you. Ankh always knew he wanted to surround himself with hip-hop heads. His vicious presence on the microphone reared its vehement head via Open Mics. It was at Bus Boys & Poet shows where he learned core components of becoming an emcee such as:

  • Breath control 
  • Stage presence

Ankhnasty seized any chance he could to show and prove on the microphone. People began to pay attention when he tore up cypher sessions at underground shows with Logic and SirEU. The core competency exhibited by this artist displays spirituality beyond belief. There is no doubt that Ankh continues to exceed Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours. 

From a Town Where They Bang on Bongos

Releasing music in the modern era revolves around strategy. A project should contain at least seven market touchpoints upon release. 

Raised upon grounded principles, this man carries himself with tasteful maneuvers that symbolize strong sentiments. Within Union Temple Baptist Church in DC, he discovered symbols and formed his own to seek knowledge. 

The ankh represents an Egyptian symbol for life – much more holistic than a crucifix. Although, he believes that labeling art is insufficient as a whole. It is clear that within every origin lies mathematics and scientific explanations. Regardless, this man believed in himself to the utmost and even flipped a Napoleon complex to maximize his persona.

Besides the music, ANKHLEJOHN releases clothing through his label, “Veblin Goods.” Much of the time, these articles of clothing are raunchy in nature and aim to create controversy. 

We’ll drop off a starter pack of songs to get you started on this artist from the Chocolate City.

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