Al.Divino Carries Hefty Aura

There are way too many artists and creatives in our world and not enough difference-makers pace-changers and individuals who buck the trend. Al.Divino is that trend bucker. Originally known as Apollo Knox – this man’s ascension from backpack rapper to the artist he is today certainly represents growth, experimentation and transcendentalism.

As many of us know there are many ways to encounter and become one with the world of hip-hop. Al Divino saw his first foray into the genre through graffiti. With that. the fact that he sees everything through to completion and paints vivid pictures makes sense. Al focuses on the historical elements of art/religion which provides the listener with significant background + facets of artistry that unravels in layers.

In Divino’s hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts he and underground collaborator – Estee Nack transformed old Cook Street Park into a community garden and playground. It is safe to say that both of these individuals have been absolutely cooking when it comes to producing raw, unadulterated hip-hop output. Estee Nack and Al.Divino have shared catalytic energy between each other that directly translates to improvement within the music. 

Monumental Statements // Incredible Industries

After forming their Tragic Allies tandem, Nack introduced Divino to Nation of Gods on Earth – King Asiatic – 5% Nation – Knowledge. In return, Divino began to internalize profound messages and carry out actions that reflect his newfound wisdom. Mostly, that would consist of composing music in a completely unorthodox manner.

As a seasoned individual, Al.Divino goes about things his way. When he would record over noisy, invasive & oversaturated mixes – Estee Nack almost attempted to change up the studio gameplan. Rather than trying to make someone as powerful as Divino water down their entire process, Nack sat back and soaked up the intricacies and wonders of Divino’s workmanship. 

There is no doubt that Divino is a risk-taker through and through. The thing is – his calculated risks and steps that he has taken have built a strong core following as his music clearly resonates for East Coast hip-hop connoisseurs. Al.Divino refines traditional ideas in order to exuberate grimey experimental sounds. Many might consider his genre to be coined – “Noisehop.”

But everything that people have to say is noise anyway. Especially if you are like the person writing this – not privy to what it takes to make a hip-hop song only well-versed based off of listening, interactions and experiences. It is very intriguing to hear Al.Divino’s music and the way that it contorts the traditional aspects of sound. Combine that with the omnipotent branches between old school ideology, artwork and ancient concepts with modern day relatability and you have quite the prolific emcee.

Al.Divino Hypes the Crowd Before His CRIBPVD set

Prolific and Gifted

Much like the late Nipsey Hussle, Al.Divino follows his own playbook. When dropping product, he releases limited quantities of material that have high end appreciative value. He considers labels to be extinct as the vinyl sector of music distribution is the way that these underground artists are making ends. It is truly refreshing to listen to an artist that clearly adopts a postmodern abstract deconstruction of modern hip-hop through a historical, cosmic and experimental lens.

While we traveled from Albany to Providence to see a 1000Words show hosted by Keisha Plum – we witnessed Estee Nack and Al.Divino tear down their set together as the second to last act of the night. After chopping it up with some photographers and other artists afterwards it was easy to recognize Al.Divino’s magnetic energy. We complimented his progression from Top Shelf Premium 2021 Supply & Demand show to now, snapped some pictures and kept it pushin. 



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