Top ’22 Underground Hip-Hop Albums

We exist in the era resemblant to file sharing and flip phones. At times, the 2006 Dell Desktop enters the metaverse through programs like Gathertown, Discord and Mixcloud. We submit songs onto Phlote Playlists curated by the co-founder of iLLROOTS. We contribute toward the entire ecoculture through interviews & playlists on Audius, Audiomack & YouTube.

Furthermore, the year has come to a close and it is only right that we combine this magnificent discography of underground artists collected for a top 22 albums listened to in 2022.

22. Michelin Stars 2 – Spanish Ran // Al-Doe 

Top Track: Cabernet at the Opera

21. Hills Have Eyes – Eyedress & YL

Top Track: Prada Gloves

20. 7 Shots – 38 Spesh

Top Track: Last Gasp

19. El Camino – Let There Be Light

Top Track: Blind Love

18. YOD Presents: The Shining 

Top Track: Room 237 Ft. Che Noir

17. Vel the Wonder & Zoomo – Freakjet

Top Track: Big League Chew

16. Nigo – I Know Nigo

Top Track: Remember

15.  Freddie Gibbs – Soul Sold Separately

Top Track: Blackest in the Room

14. Dave East & Harry Fraud – HOFFA 

Top Track: Just Another Rapper

13. Rome Streetz & Ankhlejohn – Genesis 1:27 

Top Track: Paul Janssen

12. Theravada – My Own 2 Hands 

Top Track: Air Sky Earth

11. Big Kahuna OG – Flameboy Advance 

Top Track: Seance

10. Westside Gunn – Peace Flygod

Top Track: Open Praise

09. Fly Anakin – Frank 

Top Track: Poisonous Primates
Music Starts @0:32

08. Armani Caesar – Liz 2

Top Track: Queen City

07. YL, Starker, Zoomo – RRR: The Album

Top Track: Sweet

06. Joey Badass – 2000

Top Track: Show Me

05. Westside Gunn – Hitler Wears Hermes 10

Top Track: Science Class

04. Elephant Man’s Bones – Roc Marciano & Alchemist 

Top Track: Think Big

03. Ab-Soul – HERBERT 

Top Track: FOMF

02. Rome Streetz – Kiss the Ring

Top Track: Non Factor ft. Westside Gunn

01. Che Noir – The Last Remnants

Top Track: Promised Land ft. 38 Spesh

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