Teacher Li vs. Xi

We are fully within the throws of the Information Age. There is boatloads of information readily available at our fingertips. The sheer volume of resources alone means that securing your source is more important than ever. Unfortunately, clickbait and clout reign supreme in our modern era which makes it even harder to know what is real. 

Fresh News Now gives you the skinny on current events with a twang of flavor. We have gotten away from using those complex intellectual words that only stroke our ego – because YOU the reader have no idea what they mean! Rather, we want to keep you informed on current developments while adding our spin.

Lashing Out Against Xi Jinping

If you haven’t noticed – the tightly enclosed lid on Chinese activity has loosened slightly. Many Chinese citizens have grown weary of the Zero Covid Policy that has limited the very few liberties they enjoy. This policy – while strict – has ensured a very low death toll. Although, their vaccination campaigns for the year 2022 were not as strong as 2021.

If you zoom out and look at it from an overarching view – we are witnessing some out-of-the-ordinary events within our world. Clearly, the tensions continue to ratchet up between Russia and Ukraine without an end in sight. That is an otherworldly occurrence to have intense battles going on that could risk the lives of many if not the world. Now, people in China are beginning to protest – which takes a great deal of moxy and courage. 

There have been many young people taken into custody for their actions. An interesting wrinkle in the entire protest dilemma is the fact that rather than risk proof of protest language – the dissenters have chosen to just hold up blank pieces of paper. 

A major reason why this activity is being publicized at all is due in part to Twitter account user – Teacher Li is Not Your Teacher. While inside his Italian concubine, Teacher Li has been accessing Chinese media through a VPN.

“The important thing is not my life – the important thing is the security of this account.”

T Li

Some believe that the World Cup was a major catalyst for these protests. A person living in the Chinese totalitarian state with strict COVID policies must be tested multiple times per day and often cannot leave their home. So just imagine how they feel when they see nearly every country on Earth enjoying an athletic event without having to obey the same rules. 

Individuals who knew how to break China’s Great Firewall were flooding Teacher Li’s inbox with visual accounts of the mass protests. This is clearly a major breach of the censorship and forced silence. Major protests have occurred at the iPhone factory and in the name of mourning. A fire in Urumqi killed 10 people – the common denominator is that evacuation was obstructed by Zero Covid lockdown efforts. 

Teacher Li Makes Play out of the Ai Wei Wei Book

Teacher Li remains steadfast in his efforts to shed light on the demonstrations occurring in his home country – where his parents still reside. Even if his account is deleted or Li becomes silenced – the cat is out of the bag. The desire for Chinese citizens to express themselves freely and represent for personal autonomy has started to grow exponentially. 

Unfortunately, without a clear leader or well-calculated mobilization – this brief display of bravery will most likely be squashed. Without specific demands or a political agenda – not much may result. It is clear that no European countries will interfere or involve themselves in this mix either because they would never want to jeopardize business priorities with China. And the cycle continues…

What do you think about all of these recent shocking events? Does it have a greater meaning for our world as a whole? Or will it just fall by the wayside as a pathetic attempt at trying to change a fortified system of government?

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