Jay Versace Produces Beats?

To achieve financial freedom – one must efficiently build and sharpen their tools for years. It is extremely important to make a name for yourself before you get to where you need to be. In the case of Jay Versace he took Vine by storm with his hilarious impersonations and creative cosplay. Many would be shocked to know that he parlayed his comedic success into a career as a hip-hop producer. 

Jay Versace knows exactly what an artist wants and caters his beats toward a sound that fits the mold of an artist. For example, a beat he made for Westside Gunn ended up on “Pray for Paris” as it is a soulful flip of The Clark Sisters stripped down without the drums. He has since made beats for SZA, an entire tape with Boldy James and the song Safari on Tyler the Creator’s Grammy award winning album.

Past Yields Future Material

Clearly, he did not intend on pursuing the comedic route long term like many of his Vine counterparts. He did what he had to do to get recognized and leveraged his attention into another art form. At first, his beats were lackluster but with the help of friends like Knxwledge and Pink Siifu he improved as time went on. From the Internet’s funniest teenager [Teen Vogue] to making legitimate beats for world renown artists – his glow up has been very notable!

It just goes to show that humor is the entrypoint to humanity. His goofiness and hilarious nature garnered him a great deal of followers on the Internet. When much of the civil unrest grew in our country that is exactly where he stayed too – the Internet. Not one to involve himself on the frontlines – he utilized his platform to speak out for social justice. He utilizes his platform to amplify essential conversations.

As a genuine artistic soul – comedy was just the beginning. Now, he enjoys the fruits of artistic labor such as photography, modeling, acting, architecture and most importantly – cooking up beats. This man has great taste and doesn’t shy away from his history as a black man. Rather, he taps deeper into his ancestry through his connection with Erykah Badu. Unrestricted by preconceived notions – this man channels spirituality and historical cultivation to connect with his people.

He tends to avoid 808s and typical sound patterns played out by producers in order to stand out. Now, he can fulfill his life’s purpose and serve as a spokesperson for his people. He loves to dance, create music, unpack issues and provide wisdom to everyone who subscribes to his channel. His emergence into the music world goes to show that anyone can recreate themselves if they obey their calling. What an incredible story from this young man and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!


His come up from viner to producer is seriouss! Too versatile with it and his sampling game is top tier‼️#jayversace #sza #westsidegunn #griselda #hiphop #soulsample #producer #tylerthecreator

♬ Versace – Westside Gunn

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