R.R.R. – Thee Album (Zoomo Mixed & YL/Starker Spit)

Artists that are hungry escape starvation by dropping multiple projects within the same year. Holding bodies of work close to your chest benefits nobody. The fans don’t get to hear the sounds and you do not get to experiment with the sound to contribute to a growth pattern. Thankfully, RRR’s YL, Zoomo and Starker have been on a tear and do not plan to stop anytime soon.

Intrrro Excerrrpt from July 2021 Interrrview

Just this past Black Friday the trio dropped an album titled after their group – ® ® ®

If you listen to the intro you might hear a familiar voice. Regardless, this body of work displays one of their strongest musical outputs, yet. The way they cohesively blend the tracks to sequence into one another is magnificent. 

Let’s decipher our favorite songs line by line.

Track 08 – Sweet 

“Think I need more than a page to cover the game we bout to make the centerfold.” 


Certainly the slow bubble type of grind has continued to pay off for these Triple R guys. We consistently see them in clothing campaigns, putting forth mixes overseas on NTS Radio and jumping from coast to coast to tear down stages as prime examples. 

Track 10 – New Day 

“You got your fifteen minutes & froze like the camera with the pose – hate the game but they respecting the quote” 


The key to any successful individual is to know your body. In other words – self-familiarization leads to self-actualization. These young men know exactly who they are and utilize their potential to the utmost. Seeing their rise to stardom should inspire ambition – not jealousy. 

Track 02 – 2003

“Might let it blaze like Sebastian Telfair on draft day.”


So Coney Island’s finest Sebastian Telfair lit up a dutch on draft today? I mean it’s possible – but this slick idyllic sports references (one of many) refers to the fact that Telfair got drafted by the Portland Trailblazers back in 2003. Ah, how times seemed so much simpler back then.

Bonus Points if you name the track – Starker says “Caught more slaps on the butt than World Cup.” AYO? Never that and never one to pause anything RRR it is quite possible that he said more slaps on the bud. Either way, we appreciate the entrendre/tonal perception and possible lyrical interpretation made available here.

Track 14 Lacrosse 

“Got a nug for every stain on your shirt.”


This line is a direct reference to the scene with Damon Dash in Paid in Full. Dash and Robert “Bob-a-Lob” Burke pull up next to Mitch at a stoplight and engage in some gambling banter.

Dame exclaims “5 G’s? Make it 10! Stop acting like you the only one gettin money around here!”

Money Makin Mitch responds, “I got a G for every bump on your face!”

This line represents a full-circle moment as the way that we discovered RRR is through the sons of Bob-a-Lob (R.I.P.) – Robert and Ahrman ‘Stacks’ Burke at Syracuse University. Bob-a-Lob would go on to appear in other movies like State Property with Beanie Sigel. We deeply appreciate this friend-of-a-friend connection as it pushes our journalistic pen and I’m sure it drives their ink onto paper as well.

Track 09 – R.E.O.

“18 hour flight to Okinawa on a blimp that read the world is ours.”


This line is very profound and reflects the type of mentality that these guys possess. It is so important to embrace other cultures and visit different parts of our world to truly formulate all parts of oneself.

Many people realize that Asian culture remains intact solely due to the Okinawa diet. In this context, the RRR clique hops on a blimp to that region of Japan where they are sincerely adored – maybe moreso than in the States. Who knows ?

However you slice it, RRR is going up. They embody the moment, increase their core fanbase daily and tear down stages like Godzilla. Get with it ! Peace!

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