What in the World Happened to Chris Henry?

Til the casket and past it is the type of friendship Pacman Jones committed to with Chris Henry. It’s wild how most of the things we remember about prominent public figures always comes down to what the news feeds us. The news media is meant to dilute our mental and inundate us with negativity. Fact of the matter is – all people are flawed and some have undeniable talent that deserves recognition for ages. This is the story of Chris Henry and Pacman Jones. 

Chris Henry did not even think about stepping foot on the gridiron when he was growing up. He would always lace his basketball sneakers and go toe-to-toe on the hardwood at Belle Chasse High School in Louisiana. That was until he was convinced to try out for football with his 6”5 lanky figure and outstretched wingspan. On the high school gridiron he was tough to corral and racked up plenty of pick sixes as well. 

While becoming a star on the West Virginia football team he formed a close bond with teammate Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones. Jones warned coach Rich Rodriguez not to intervene in any of his and Henry’s arguments as they had a different type of relationship. The relationship involved a lot of tough love and motivational language. Both athletes became superstars for their squad and got West Virginia to as high as #6 in the country. 

It was clear that both of these men would be highly coveted at the NFL level. Pacman was the first defensive player taken in the draft, whereas Henry went in the third round. Each provided an immediate impact to their respective Titans and Bengals counterparts. 

Becoming the Best Version

Chris Henry spent a great deal of time working with Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals front office. He would consistently receive mentoring and advice on ways to speak and present himself like a professional. When Hurricane Katrina ravaged his home state, he opened his entire Cincinnati home for many of his family members.

Eventually, Henry would succumb to an untimely demise. All of his children were younger than 4 years old when they lost their father. Details about that tragic night are sparse and stories often conflict – we will not speculate on the matter. 

Rather we appreciate the tenacity Chris Henry brought to the game of football. His extended frame allowed him to climb the ladder over defenders and he existed as quite the rare breed from the minute he stepped foot on the field. As an organ donor, his donations saved the lives of four different people. 

While everyone poured in their rightful sympathies for the loss of a superstar – Pacman Jones did much more than that. He would continue to touch base with the Henry family to invite them to family functions and send them boxes of athletic gear.

Football: Hurricane Katrina: Casual portrait of Cincinnati Bengals Chris Henry with his family during photo shoot at home. Henry’s family has been living with him after losing their house. Florence, KY 11/4/2005 (Photo by Thomas Witte)

Eventually, Pacman Jones adopted the rest of Henry’s children. Pacman Jones is one of the realest individuals for continuing on the journey for his right-hand man Chris ‘Slim’ Henry. The definition of any loyal individual resides within the things that you will do and the legacy you carry on for that person. True friends do not back down from the challenge. They rise to the occasion to continuously improve in order to reach the ultimate goal. Pacman and Chris Henry will now live on together when all three of those Henry children compete within the collegiate circuit and likely onto the professional level.

‘We love each other as if we all came out the same stomach.’

Pacman Jones

Pacman is an individual who knows how to ensure longevity in an athlete’s life. His continued efforts with Loleina Tonga created utmost collaboration through mutual understanding. The family dynamic and structure that Mr. Jones can provide greatly outweighs the average American household. The Uncle Pac recipe delivers family-oriented results.

A monumental move that Pacman made involved less playing of the game and more ownership of the game. He went from chasing the Miss Pacman’s and endless items on the screen to owning his rightful stake.  This way, he ensured that he did not continue to chase the short-term cycle until it was time to put another quarter in the machine.

Pacman became the machine. A different animal but the same beast. He claimed his spot as a host position on the incredibly popular podcast – I AM ATHLETE. He channeled a great deal of energy into J24 Athletic Complex on the Everything Cincy platform where it all revolves back to – Cincinnati, Ohio. The place where Henry’s grandmother Carolyn Glaspy proudly waves the Chris Henry woven blanket seen at every Bengals rally.

The Henry name will live on and continue to impress sports fans around the globe. Whether it be through football or basketball – count on Seini Hicks, Chris Jr. and Demarcus Henry to make some noise in their respective sports arenas.


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