Underground Sound: Legend of Griselda

The flyest part about an underground hip-hop show is mutual admiration. We commuted from Albany, NY to Providence, Rhode Island (and back) on a Sunday just to soak up the vibes courtesy of show hosts Keisha Plum and 1000 Words

Upon entrance, we received our Gold bracelet which garnered a meet&greet polaroid photo from the likes of 1000Words.Outside. If you know, these shows often unravel in layers. From the jump, many people gather to see who performs and steadily loosen up as the night develops. We make sure to remain audible and reciprocate all energy given from that stage.

Nobody is too cool to move their feet! Especially when the artists on stage condense their entire life’s work into a small sample size of a set. The great thing about these shows is that you get to see all different kinds of artists, outfits and cultural excellence.

Anything in life comes with multiple meanings – if you align your vision properly. Thus, this concert served multiple purposes. Primarily, it gave us a way to completely recharge the battery in our back. [Hip-hop originally placed that battery there – outings such as this one are pivotal to keep it energized and well-oiled.] Moments like these provide proper amplitude for months to come and punctuate the purpose of living. 

Also, why let the moment pass you by standing stiff, stagnant and mute? People who frequent these types of underground shows know that most people and artists are friendly enough to at least dap it up and chop it up for a couple minutes. If you’re adding value and sharing genuine thoughts – maybe even more can come from the conversation i.e. collaboration. 

What is beautiful to see is the fact that while some artists are backstage most of them are in the crowd enjoying their peers’ performance just like the next man. 

Those 3 things all correlate: the perspective reset, networking and witnessing craftsmen study their craft truly bring such a brilliant and eventful essence to the mind, soul and body. 

Thank you to The Crib for opening the venue and also to photographer Who Shot Yuh!


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