YUNGMORPHEUS is a Superfluous Sly Guy

It is amazing how the things we go through can mold our outlooks, perspectives, behaviors and attitudes. For example – myself – a white man was taught early on that all people deserve love. My father and mother instilled the virtues of love, patience and kindness within me. I am forever grateful for them. I’ve always been a person who has gravitated toward people who were real.

Going to Syracuse University only strengthened and solidified the fact that I was seeking real connection amongst down-to-earth people. For an artist named Yung Morpheus from Miami, Florida – his college experience shaped who he became as an artist.

Breakdancing in Miami, Florida in the ninth grade was this man’s first foray into the hip-hop atmosphere. Figuring he would get himself a college degree, he utilized the best financial aid package available to him by attending Boston College. Unfortunately, Boston is historically white and he did not find many friends that looked like him. 

As to what exactly took place at BC that shaped his worldview – we would love to know and chop it up with this man to get down to the details he is willing to share. It is safe to say, this racial disparity led him to exit his feelings and enter into his BAG. 

Black Schemata

Yung Morpheus’ namesake is a play on the fact that he is always in the cut rolling up with shades on like the Matrix. It is apparent that the quietest in the room is most likely the wisest so at a social function he might fade into obscurity while remaining observant. 

Some associations he shares are with Vik to form the group Blackfist on the label Rawshit and at times in conjunction with Bad Taste of the UK. Some themes that he consistently reiterates are blackness, improvisation, white skepticism and the pervasiveness of systemic oppression. 

Incisive and Decisive

His bars are super superb. He clearly relinquished every last f*ck that he had to give many years ago. Going from MIA -> BOS -> NYC -> and currently in CALI has worked wonders for his musical career. Those who take no risks, reap no rewards. Consistent relocation and tapping inward in different regions of the country has served him and his core fans very well.

The collaborations we adore from him are the ones with Eyedress, Pink Siifu, ewonee and THERAVADA. His nonchalance gives splendid melancholy lo-fi vibes while at the same time packing quite the profound punch with the words that he speaks. He prefers to keep a lower pitch and his resonance resonates. 

All in all, Yung Morpheus carries himself with audacity. He reminds us of a Mystery Machine Maniac the way he is consistently enveloped in thick clouds of smoke. While fading into the looseness of time and space, he reappears to tap into your chakras with some sly slick lyrics. As a complex character, we appreciate this descendent of MF Doom and the fragmented pieces of his being that he shares.


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