For those that work a 9-5 it is extremely necessary to take paid leave to have a getaway. This past weekend, we traveled to Philadelphia for the Powerhouse 105.1 concert and it provided such an impactful escape and reset.

Giving ample time to arrive – we left first thing in the morning and checked into the Airbnb. After getting settled, getting ready we hopped in the Uber before it was too busy on the roads – once again giving plenty of time to maneuever.

After having a few drinks at Chickie’s and Petes with my cousin from Philly we made our way to the Wells Fargo Center.

I have never seen more clean feets and heat for sneaks in my life. There were so many vibrant colors on foot and incredible amounts of fly people in attendance. Given the fact that we were early – we were able to walk around and scope out the venue.

Thus, we found a bar with a DJ and bellied up for a couple beverages. Being resourceful goes a long way as I managed to speak with a security guard to hear who would come on at what time. 

Thank God I asked when I did because it was fifteen minutes before Tems came on stage. The first Nigerian woman to ever go #1 (Wait For You Drake/Future/Tems) absolutely bodied her set. 

All in all, this event was jam-packed with talent, energy, vibes and marvelous moments.

Thank you to everyone who made it special – you know who you are 🙂


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